3 Must-Have Garden Power Tools

The great thing about using power tools in the vegetable garden is they help to save time, not to mention make gardening tasks a bit easier on your body. Their are many power vegetable garden tools that make the most difficult tasks a snap. Of course, power tools are a bit more expensive than hand tools, but they are worth it for the savings on your back and knees. Although power tools can with a higher price tag they generally last several years and are worth their weight in gold for saving time in the vegetable garden.

Black Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator

Here are five must-have vegetable gardening power tools you can add to your tool arsenal.

Mantis Gas-Powered Cultivator/Tiller

Mantis Cultivator-Tiller

The Mantis Gas-Powered Cultivator/Tiller has become one of the most popular cultivators and tillers available to home vegetable gardeners. It is lightweight, easy-to-use and does a great job. The Mantis can till up a 500 square foot vegetable garden in no time and is small enough to get in between rows for easy cultivating. The Mantis will keep your vegetable garden looking great all season!

Black & Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator

Black Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator

The Black & Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator is like a dream come true for easily cultivating in your garden. This cordless cultivator runs off an 18-volt rechargeable battery and is very lightweight. I love not having to drag a cord around and worrying if the cord may accidentally damage surrounding plants. If you are interested in a tool that quickly and easily bust up the weeds, this cultivator might be the answer!

Weed Claw and Bulb Drill

Weed Claw and Bulb Drill

The Weed Claw and Bulb Drill is not really a power tool in itself, but of course you need a power tool to operate it. This is a two-piece set that comes with a handy weed claw and a bulb auger. The Weed Claw easily and quickly snatches weeds up by the root and is perfect for grabbing weeds in tight spaces. If you have a weed growing right next to a plant, it will grab the weed up without damaging your precious plant.

The Bulb Drill is an auger that quickly creates a planting hole for bulbs and other plants. Although it is made for planting bulbs it work great for creating holes for seedlings.

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  1. Thanks you so much for your kind help that is really good article.

  2. I live in heavy clay/blackland soil with lots of bermuda grass. It just chews those little Mantis up and spits them up. I used to have a heavy rototiller, but can’t run it anymore. I have to get someone to come out with a tractor and disk to break the garden out. Have you had any such trouble with your Mantis?

  3. I saw a mantis in action last summer and was pretty impressed, hey Stephanie I didn’t notice the Mantis having any problems when I saw it but it wasn’t as rough of ground as you described, never seen the weed claw though, looks interesting

  4. Hi

    I am Linda, a new member to the forum and a relatively new gardener.

    My zone is 10 – hot (Central Arizona) – it's sometimes hard to know where to plant stuff that it won't get frazzled in the sun!!

    I currently have tomatoes (in containers) doing well, Swiss chard (sort of okay), bell peppers (tiny), jalapeno peppers (good)

    Any other ideas would be welcome


  5. Try tomatillos. They are tasty. Use un salsa or just sliced on salad.

  6. You could try Portugese Kale from Renee's Garden Seeds. I'm going to try it on a hot side of my house as it is supposed to withstand heat better than most kale.

  7. I am Kitty, also a new member.  I love to grow my vegetables in raised beds.  I started out with Square Foot gardening, but found I needed more space for each vegetable, so, I have a raised bed or two for each vegetable.  Works out great for me.  Would like to talk with other members who also grow in raised beds.

  8. Work with the soil you've been given, and improve it by adding organic matter or building up no dig gardens (which are essentially on-the-spot compost bays). All soil types have their advantages and drawbacks. http://www.theplotthickens.com.au

  9. Sounds like some good prizes!

  10. Hi I am Phyllis. I live in Ontario, Canada. My zone depending upon where you look is 4B or 5A. Anyway you look at it we have a relatively short growing season. I do primarily vegetable gardening with a few fruit trees. We (my DH and I) have a large garden because we eat fresh all summer and then I either can, freeze or, dehydrate the rest for our use during the winter. I grew up gardening at my Dad's knees but, only in the past 7 years have I become fanatical about organic gardening.

  11. Hi Linda!

    I am in AZ as well, (Mesa) so zone 9-10…it is HOT and I am glad to hear that your tomatoes are doing well…ours have about run out…they were in raised beds and our shade cloth went up a bit late….

    Impressed to see that you have chard growing now…it is a great fall crop but likes to be shaded in the summer by taller plants so they don't get beat by the sun.

    And I also have a hot pepper plant…it is thriving and they pack a lot of heat for tiny peppers!

    How long have you been gardening here in the Valley?  I would love to share ideas…My husband and I have read a lot of books specific to our area and have joined a gardening club that meets just about every Saturday. It has been helpful since almost every gardening book out there applies to 'other' places…the desert is tricky!

  12. I live in east-central Mass. I'm interested in learning more about herbs – some about how to grow, but more about how to cook with them and use them for other things like toiletries, remedies, cleaning agents, etc. Currently growing rosemary, lavender, thyme, parsley successfully. Sage has failed multiple times, multiple varieties. Basil does OK if I don't put it out too early!

    I have two small citrus trees in pots, lemon & lime, which I purchased online last fall. They seem to love being outside now that the weather is warm; the lemon has 2 fruits on it for the first time. Any tips? This is new territory for me.

  13. Hi,

    I'm Charles, New to the forum and an old time gardener.  I live in Georgia 7B I think.  It is hot and a drought for some time.  I have a medium size garden and a lot of things have gone bye.  I still have tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes and some things in boxes (raised) such as carrots, onions some blackberries.  My rhubarb is looking bad with one plant dead on top.  I have a few cukes still hanging in there I have had to water some to keep them alive.  My squash are long gone – long story!

  14. Hello, I just joined this forum. I am a retiree and have been an amateur gardener for over 60 years, starting before grade school working in my parent's gardens.  I remember growing so many zucchini that I would carry baskets full around the neighborhood trying to sell them. A few old ladies regularly bought them. I now garden in southwest Michigan near Kalamazoo. It has been terribly dry this year, the driest in my memory. Well, say "Hi" sometime.


  15. Hi

     I live on the the mid-east coast in a small apartment and I started a small organic garden a few months ago to help my family. I like growing things, it makes me feel closer to God and it is so amazing and makes me feel good to see plant grow from such a small seed. It is also, a great feeling when I can grow something that tastes so much better then the crap (MSG, and GMOs) you buy in the stores and then feed it to my family. Eating organic (as much as I can) has made me feel so much better too, I am like a new person. 🙂

        Well anyways, nice to meet all of you!


  16. Howdy ya'll

    Yes this forum stuff is all new to me. I just moved her south of Tallahassee, FL actually swamp land. I did try a summer garden and it was a bust. the soil is so hard, I think I will do raised gardens for the fall. I did do some hanging peppers, tomatoes & flowers which did well. I want to get into growing my own herbs so I thought this site would be great to do my learning. Thanks guys!

  17. I have had really good luck this year with tomatillos,  I live in zone 4 but it's been dry and hot so have to do a lot of watering, but these little buggers sure seem to feel right at home, covered with the little pods.

  18. Hi Phyllis, I am from Calgary originally, now in Pleasant Grove, UT.

    I grew up gardening with my mom and she is a pro at growing vegetables in her garden in a zone 4a.  Her secret is, as she says, is "to trick the seasons".  She starts growing many things indoors as seedlings in the early spring months inside peat pots and then plants them outside in cozy coats and portable greenhouses that she has collected over the years and she gets things such as zucchini and tomatoes as early as June. (before I got anything down here in UT just direct planting!)  You'll want to be careful with transplanting–some plants are not as transplant hardy especially as they grow bigger/older.  I have found that the plants I transplanted did very well when watered with compost tea right after transplanting.  Good luck with extending your season!

  19. Hi Everyone. I just recently started gardening (Dayton, OH). My zone is between 5-6. I planted Cantaloupe early summer and have tons of blossoms, but still no melon starts. Does anyone know about how long it takes for the melons to begin forming?

    I am also growing a dwarf lemon tree. I've had it for several months and it is approximately 20 inches tall. When will lemons grow?! Thanks for all the help and happy gardening!

  20. Is it too late to plant a winter garden in NW Oregon?

  21. Now that the contest has ended, when will winners of the varioius prizes be selected?

  22. Is it too late to plant a winter garden in NW Oregon?

    since we are in the heat of summer right now, I think it's too early to start planting unless you were doing your own starts indoors. I think the heat will make it hard for some things to germinate and the heat will stress small seedlings. However, I should add that I've never done a winter garden, although this year I plan on trying a few things, but I won't get those started until around Labor Day wknd. I'm in southern oregon though, where we typically have upper 90's and 100's in August. maybe you are in a cooler area of Oregon?

  23. think I missed this big time:)should be zone 8? washington state the western half. small garden love to try new things with and in it. I have been gardening for 3 yrs now.

  24. Sorry for the delay – I'll be PM'ing winners along with what they won and then please reply back with your address.

  25. FYI prizes are being mailed / have been mailed

  26. ok I got the havahart trap, trying it out in the barn to see what is dumb enough to go in and eat the cat food.

  27. i got the haveaheart trap too…set it once and something went in and ate all the peanut butter but escaped….it is reset now …we will see what happens…it is a cool trap…hope it gets it this time…thank you for the gift veggie gardener.

  28. received my gift yesterday also (the trap). Haven't used it yet though.

    Thank you so much!

  29. you did??!! yay! What did you use to bait it?

    As my husband and I were looking at this contraption, we were thinking that even if there was something tempting in there, we couldn't imagine an animal going into an enclosure to get something. Not that they would know it's a cage, but their instincts that something wasn't right about this would kick in and they would avoid it.

    We haven't had a reason to try and use it yet but it seems every spring I find mole tunnels in my garden (or I'm assuming that is what those raised tunnels are), so we might have reason to try it out then.

  30. I think I have a fami;y of racoons visiting my barn and around my house but think they are too big for the trap. the raccoons up here weigh in at around 45 lbs and run in what I refer to as gangs. raiding garbage cans and feed bins. they would go for my chickens if they could get into the pen.

  31. I got a trap too!  I was scared to use it.  What if I actually catch the things monkeying around in my garden?  I wouldn't know what to do with them.  LOL.

    I need a plan!

  32. no worries they can't get to you and you can put them in the car/truck and haul them off to some place else and just turn them loose again. the trap is a live trap and won't hurt them.

  33. I didn't think of the catch andd release plan.  There is a chipmonk in my yard who thinks he's  my pet.  He sits on the porch like he's waiting.  I have to yell Yah! to make him run away so that I can come out.  He's so bold he'd probably come back if I took him to the woods. LOL

  34. take him a few miles away to some one else s back yard forest area.

  35. Only herb I got to grow is chives. Everything else did nothing. Maybe the seeds were bad I don't know but nothing grew. Any tricks or tips?

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