An Awesome Last Minute Garden Gift for Mom

Mother's Day is a very special day where we celebrate Moms for their hard work, dedication, inspiration and love. If your Mom loves to grow beautiful flowers or vegetables, a gardening gift could be the perfect Mother's Day gift. An ideal gift for Mom on Mother's Day would be something she can use over and over again throughout the whole year. What about a subscription to her favorite gardening magazine? This would be an excellent gift to give a Mom that loves gardening! The great thing about giving gardening magazine subscriptions is it is a recurring gift. She will receive the latest issue of her favorite magazine right in her mailbox each month!

Organic Gardening Magazine

There are many informative and picture-packed gardening magazines to choose from, and here are some of the most popular gardening magazines available today.

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes and Garden Magazine

Better Homes and Gardens is arguably the most popular and most read gardening magazine on the market, selling about 7.6 million copies each month. Not only do they cover all forms of gardening extensively, but they also feature topics such as home decor, crafts, food & recipes and much more.

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Magazine

Organic Gardening is the complete source for all organic gardeners. Whether you are an organic flower or organic vegetable grower, Organic Gardening Magazine is a must!

They have regular features on a wide range of topics such as organic and heirloom foods you can grow in your own garden, organic landscaping methods, organic weed and pest controls, and steps for creating a successful garden by creating great soils.

There are also articles on roses, a complete beginner’s guide, time-saving gardening tips and much more. Organic Gardening Magazine is a one-stop bonanza of organic gardening information!

Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News Magazine

Now we are getting to one of my personal favorite magazines for green gardeners, Mother Earth News Magazine. If your Mom is big on organic vegetable gardening and green living she will love Mother Earth News.

Mother Earth News is slam-packed full of awesome organic vegetable gardening methods, but it doesn’t stop there. They also have many great features on money saving do-it-yourself projects for the garden and the home, articles that cover useful equipment and tools, home remedies, small scale farming, recycling, green living, and homesteading.

If you are interested in becoming a little greener in your garden and home, Mother Earth News is the magazine you need for all the latest information.

Magazines Are The Perfect Gift For Mom

Instead of buying expensive flowers that wilt and die in a couple weeks, why not get Mom a gift she can enjoy for throughout the whole year? If she is a gardening enthusiast one of these fantastic gardening magazines is the perfect gift!

Not only is it something that will help her during her gardening adventures by providing valuable information, but it will never get old. A new magazine with fresh, new articles arrives to her home every month!

Tell Mom you love her by giving her a gift she will treasure for years.

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  1. i would have to say that organic gardening is a good way to spend your time and also it can keep you healthy.~::

  2. Organic gardening should be a great way to spend your time and get some fresh vegetables.-:`

  3. I just joined today, i live in Oregon so we are neighbors

  4. I grow tomatos, green beans , peppers watermelon, canteloupe pineapple tomatillos and cucumbers

  5. I am in zone 7 or 8 i guess

  6. I'd like to know if pineapple tomatillos are as good as they sound?

  7. hello from across the sound over near the hood canal/bremerton area. stuff to grow late in summer say august will be leafy greens such as spinach,lettuce,collard greens (they will winter over as they are more of a perennial)Swiss chard. other things that can be planted late for next year are onions and garlic they will come up in spring and multiply. This area over where I live is one of Washington's best kept secretes for picking wild blue huckleberries in august. 🙂 the tomatillos are best in salsa 🙂

  8. hello bill and annie,welcome to the forum.i am just getting ready to plant my garden,our last frost date is the 18.this is my second year i always get a little nervous and anxious however it is so exciting..last year i got alot of growth but not alot of harvest.i hope this year is better..i planted potatoes,corn,beets,peas,string beans,summer savory,carotts,tomatoes,and a few other things i can't think of right now..i am getting ready to add some compost and when my garden was finished last year i added food compost till the ground froze…so i hope this will help my garden this summer…happy gardening.

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