Attractive Vinyl Fencing For Your Vegetable Garden

One of the best investments you can make for your vegetable garden is adding an attractive vinyl garden fence. Installing a vinyl garden fence can add form and function to your vegetable garden and to your property as a whole. An attractive garden fence not only adds a bit of class to your vegetable garden, but can also help protect your precious vegetables from pets and deer.

Why Vinyl Garden Fence?

Vinyl fence products have been gaining popularity the last several years because vinyl offers many advantages over wood fencing. Here are a few reasons why:

straight picket vinyl fence

  • Vinyl fence will last a lifetime. Traditional wood fences will eventually rot and need replacing – costing you time and money.


  • Vinyl fence never needs to be painted. Again, traditional wood fences will need to be re-painted or re-stained every few years – costing you more time and money.


  • Since vinyl fence is a molded product, it can be offered in different shapes and sizes compared to wood. Many vinyl fences come in ornamental shapes giving your particular garden fence a unique style.


  • Vinyl fencing can increase your property value by as much as 5% because it is considered a property improvement.


  • Many vinyl fence products come with a warranty, whereas wood fences typically do not include any warranty.


  • Vinyl fence typically comes in sections called panels that range from six feet wide to eight feet wide. This makes the installation of the fence very easy. A whole garden fence can be completely installed in a day (depending on the size of your particular area) by the ordinary weekend handyman.


Choosing A Garden Fence That’s Right For You

scalloped_vinyl_fenceAs mentioned earlier, there are many different styles of vinyl garden fence that give you many options on what would best fit your particular taste. It is important to choose a style of fence that matches what you like and the overall feel of your garden.

There are many styles to choose from but the most popular are the Scalloped Vinyl Picket Fence and the Straight Vinyl Picket Fence. Another popular style is the Alternating Vinyl Picket Fence which is great for keeping out deer, fox and other animals.

All three style come in an assortment of colors such as white, tan/gray and adobe, and are available in four foot, five foot, or six foot heights. The Scalloped Vinyl Picket Fence and the Straight Vinyl Picket Fence also come in a convenient three foot height.

Protect Your Vegetable Garden With A Stylish Vinyl Garden Fence Today!

No matter what type of vinyl fence you are looking for you can find what you need at Superior Fence Products. They offer type of the line fencing products with unbeatable prices, and feature a very helpful staff.

So if you are interested in installing a gorgeous vinyl garden fence around your vegetable garden or property, give Keith from Superior Fence Products a call at 1-352-561-8194 for a great quote. Tell him Tee from Veggie Gardener sent you!

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  1. I think that putting a fence for your garden is a great idea, I already asked my aunt if she will put one, since I am always recommending her what I read here 🙂 She said that it will have to take time because she wants to have enough money for the fence.

  2. I saw one of the loveliest vinyl fence set ups in one of the garden centers- all round the garden then an arch at the entryway. I would LOVE to do that and then make cement stepping stones.
    (adding that in with my Mantis dream) *smile*

  3. Looking for +-24″ tall white fencing to keep rabbits out of my garden.

  4. Hello, I am Grdngrl, I am retired and live in zone 9.  I enjoy all sorts of gardening, learning from others and have been doing it for many years off and on.  I look forward to reading what other gardeners have to share and hope I will be able to share something one day too.

  5. hello from west of you on the coast 🙂 our growing season is good but not real warm some stuff just doesn't like salty air and cool nights much.

  6. Hi colleagues, its impressive article about cultureand entirely explained, keep it up
    all the time.

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