The 10 Best Cherry Tomatoes

The 10 Best Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are perfect for adding to salads, soups, sandwiches, or just popped into your mouth for a tasty, healthy snack. Any way you put it, cherry tomatoes just plain rock! The best thing about most cherry (or grape) tomatoes is just how prolific they are. Just a couple cherry tomato plants and you'll soon have more of these little globes of juiciness than you know what to do with. Some plants can produce hundreds and hundreds of cherry tomatoes in a single season, and they are fairly easy to grow. Here's the ten best cherry tomatoes you can grow in your vegetable garden.

Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato

The Super Sweet 100 is the classic red cherry tomato with incredibly sweet taste. These cherry tomatoes will continue to produce huge clusters all season long. The vigorous indeterminate vine can grow to ten feet tall, and need to be trellised or staked up. Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato

Italian Ice Cherry Tomato

The Italian Ice is just so pretty it is almost hard to eat them. These cherry tomatoes ripen from green to a cool-looking ivory color. They have a very sweet taste and make an excellent picnic snack. If you want to 'wow' your friends and family, grow these beautiful little cherry tomatoes. Italian Ice Cherry Tomato

Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato

The Yellow Pear is a delicious cherry tomato that is shaped like a teardrop and is a bright yellow color. They have a tangy flavor and are low in acidity which makes them perfect for those that can't take the acids of typical tomatoes. The bite-sized fruit are perfect for party trays and snacks. Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato

Black Pearl Cherry Tomato

Yes, the Black Pearl makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow, too. But this cherry tomato is no pirate, it is a delicious tomato with a very distinct flavor. The plant produces an abundance of reddish-black fruits that are very sweet. Perfect for a quick snack on a hot summer's day. Black Pearl Cherry Tomato

Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

The Sun Gold is one of the most popular non-red cherry tomatoes available. They feature a very sweet, yet tart flavor that will have your taste buds jumping with joy. These guys grow in huge clusters and ripen to a beautiful golden orange. The longer you allow them to ripen the sweeter they get. Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

Cherries Jubilee Cherry Tomato

The Cherries Jubilee can produce hundreds of sweet cherry tomatoes in a single season. They have a sweet, balanced flavor of sugar/acid which gives them a highly desirable taste. Cherries Jubilee Cherry Tomato

Bloody Butcher Cherry Tomato

With a name like Bloody Butcher, you may think this tomato was born from a 1980's horror movie. Fortunately, there's nothing scary about these delicious cherry tomatoes. They feature a rich heirloom flavor and deep red color, inside and out. These cherry tomatoes have gained popularity because of their great taste and early production. You can begin enjoying these delish cherry tomatoes in less than eight weeks after planting. Bloody Butcher Cherry Tomato

Green Envy Cherry Tomato

The Green Envy is quickly becoming a highly sought-after cherry tomato because of its emerald green color, and sweet, yet tangy flavor. The meaty interior makes it perfect for grilling, baking, or raw. Add a touch of interest by adding to your favorite salsa. Green Envy Cherry Tomato

Napa Grape Tomato

The Napa Grape features elongated one inch tomatoes that grow in huge clusters. This cherry tomato has that classic bold tomato taste, just in a smaller package. It's ideal for adding to salads and sandwiches. Napa Grape Tomato

Honeybunch Cherry Tomato

The Honeybunch gets its name due to the incredible honey-like sweetness that makes this guy a real crowd pleaser. Large clusters of these tomatoes will keep you happy all season long. Honeybunch Cherry Tomato

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  1. I’ll be trying Blondkopfchen cherries this year. I wanted a non-hybrid so I could save the seeds if I liked it. We’ll see how it turns out.

    • Hey Bill – it’s funny you should mention that variety. Someone over on the Facebook mentioned it as well. I had never heard of it before today, but am very interested in seeing how it produces and tastes!

  2. Can I save my yello pear tomato plant over the winter?

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