Better Boy – August Tomato of the Month

Better Boy Hybrid Tomato

Welcome to the Tomato of the Month for August 2009! This is the first of a series of posts I will be featuring on the first day of each month. Each month will bring a new variety of tomato, and some information about each one. With thousands of different varieties of tomatoes available, it should be an interesting opportunity to find and learn about all types of different tomatoes.

As the title suggests, the featured tomato for August is the Better Boy tomato.

The Better Boy Hybrid Tomato

The Better Boy Tomato is a hybrid (meaning that it was bred by crossing varieties) tomato that is resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, and nematodes (or VFN; For more information about what the disease codes mean, please visit, Tomato Disease Resistance List). Better Boy’s are indeterminate tomatoes, that mature in 70 to 75 days, and produce beautiful medium to large-sized, smoothed-skin fruit. The fruits have a classic tomato flavor that is balanced just right between sugars and acid. The taste, and ease of growth, of these fabulous tomatoes have made it the most popular tomato grown in the U.S.

Better Boy tomatoes should be grown using cages, stakes or some other type of support to maintain healthy, productive plants. Plant these tomatoes about 36 to 42 inches apart for optimal spacing – they can get quite large when fully grown in late summer.

The Better Boy tomato is great for slicing on sandwiches, in soups, and are ideal for salads. The possibility of uses for this awesome tomato are endless!

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9 Comments on Better Boy – August Tomato of the Month

  1. I'm in Fl. ….one box store tols me it's caused by the heat and to cut off the affected limbs. I did and there is some regrowth coming in. But, the stem wasn't turning brown.

  2. Jack72; Thank you for the info.  I'm going out now to make sure all of the damage stems are removed.  Hopefully after I do that the main stem will clear up.  Thanks again.

  3. some of my tomato plants were starting to get brown too, I just trimmed the bad parts of it off and new ones grew nice and its doing a whole lot better now

  4. Maria_e_Resendez, thanks for the info.  I got rid of all the bad stems/leaves so now it's wait & see.

  5. From what I've researched always pinch off lower leaves nearest ground.

  6. Thanks Bev, I'll check the plants and remove lower limbs as needed.

  7. Tomato disease is identify by affect plant parts likes stem and whole plant.


    Crown rot, Stunting, Wilt.


  8. I am trying for the first time to grow tomatoes in a window box. The type are Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes (Indeterminate). I have tomatoes but they are looking like cherry tomatoes and are starting to rippen. I thought they would grow larger. Is it the type of tomato I have or did I do something wrong that cause them to have stunt growth?

  9. It’s really great posts.

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