Tips for Growing Great Okra

Tips for Growing Abundant Okra

It is believed that okra made it's first appearance in America during the 17th century. It was brought to the southern Colonies, where it thrived in … [Read more …]

12 Tips for Saving Time in the Vegetable Garden

12 Tips for Saving Time in the Vegetable Garden

It's funny how much we try to save time, the less time we seem to have in our lives.Between kids' soccer games and choir practices, later hours … [Read more …]

Add Crop Rotation To Your Vegetable Garden Plan

Add Crop Rotation To Your Vegetable Garden Plan

Crop rotation is a very important part of your vegetable garden each and every year. It can be an effective measure towards insect pest and disease … [Read more …]

Vegetable Garden Layout Basics

Vegetable Garden Layout Basics

One of the most important aspects of starting a new vegetable garden is its layout. The vegetable garden layout is critical for ensuring the … [Read more …]

New Vegetable Varieties From Burpee for 2011

Kings of Color Tomato Collection

Every year seed companies offer more and more new varieties and it looks like 2011 will be no different. Burpee is one of the most recognizable names … [Read more …]

The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Gardeners


A few days ago I discussed some fabulous Christmas gift ideas for your favorite gardener. Although these are great Christmas gifts that any gardener … [Read more …]

12 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners


As we now approach the Holiday season full swing, it is time to talk a bit on finding those great Christmas gifts for your special gardener. Trying to … [Read more …]

Save Your Vegetable Garden From Summer Heat


The dog days of summer can be vicious to many vegetable garden plants. When thermometers start reaching the century mark, and stay there for several … [Read more …]

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