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Rev Up Your Compost With Compost Activators

Rev Up Your Compost With a Compost Activator

One thing that will really rev up a compost pile is boosting it with a compost activator. A compost activator adds nitrogen which gives all those microbes something to work on, thus creating heat. It's this heat that really gets the compost pile pumping out fresh humus.Although these microbes are found naturally in soil they may sometimes need a boost to really get the compost pile fired up.There could also be a condition where there … [Read more …]

7 Things You Should Never Compost

7 Things You Should Never Compost

You may have heard many vegetable gardeners talk about how awesome composting is, because it's so easy and you can throw just about anything on the … [Read more …]

Seven Common Composting Myths

Seven Common Composting Myths

Composting is one of the most misunderstood areas when it comes to growing an organic vegetable garden. I bet it's safe to say that more vegetable … [Read more …]

Where to Buy Worms for Composting

Where to Buy Worms for Composting

Recently on the Veggie Gardener Facebook Page, there was a small conversation about worm composting, and worm bins used for creating worm compost. … [Read more …]

How To Make Your Own Compost

how to make compost

Many times when starting your own vegetable garden, you begin with less than perfect soil. The great news is that you can easily remedy this issue by … [Read more …]

Add Fallen Leaves To Your Vegetable Garden

fallen leaves

Although most of the country is in the middle of winter, there are still some southern areas that are dealing with raking leaves. Unfortunately, I was … [Read more …]

How Compost Improves Soil Health


Adding compost to your garden soil will help to improve just about any soil type - whether it is clay, sand, or silt. There are two things that … [Read more …]

30 Unusual Items You Can Compost

unusual items for compost

The next time you are throwing an item in the trash, think about whether you can compost it instead. There are many things that can be added to your … [Read more …]

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