Winchester Gardens’ Herb Fertilizer Review

Winchester Gardens Organic Herb Fertilizer Tablets

If you enjoy using fresh herbs in your meals then it's hard to beat growing your own. Most herbs are very easy to grow, do not take much space, and do not require too much maintenance.And who doesn't like the taste and aroma of fresh herbs in the kitchen?As I mentioned, herbs don't require a whole lot of upkeep, but they can benefit greatly when given the correct amount of proper nutrients.A great way to provide the proper nutrients … [Read more …]

Remington Electric Tiller Review and Giveaway(Expired)

The Remington Electric Tiller

It doesn't take long to realize that preparing the vegetable garden and maintaining it throughout the year can be some back-breaking work.Weeds … [Read more …]

Winchester Gardens’ Biodegradable Plant Markers

Winchester Biodegradable Plant Markers Review

How many times have you planted your vegetable garden in spring, then by mid-summer you can't tell what plant is what?Well, I don't know about … [Read more …]

Winchester Gardens’ Tomato Fertilizer Spikes Review

Winchester Gardens Tomato Fertilizer Spikes Review

Like many tomato gardeners, I am always looking for a better and easier way to grow delicious tomatoes. One of the things I'm always trying to improve … [Read more …]

Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Planter Review

Gardeners Revolution Planter Review

A couple of years ago, growing tomatoes in an upside planter was all the rage. There was infomercial after infomercial declaring the Topsy-Turvy as … [Read more …]

Gardener’s Supply Potato Grow Bag Review

Gardener's Supply Potato Grow Bag Review

One of the new items in my vegetable garden this year that I was very excited about trying out was the Gardener's Supply Potato Grow … [Read more …]

Burpee Pea Fence Review

The Burpee Pea Fence Review

I have to admit, I love growing peas and I really love eating them. Peas are great for adding to soups, stews, salads, and a variety of other dishes. … [Read more …]

I Garden: Urban Style Book Review

I Garden - Urban Style

Thanks to Twitter, I have had the honor of speaking to a fantastic voice in the gardening world, Michael Nolan.After spending oodles of time … [Read more …]

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