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Repel Slugs with a Penny Ball

A common problem with which gardeners are faced is the presence of slugs. These creatures are a type of mollusk that can be described as snails without shells. They can vary [...]
  • Bok Choy Growing in Water by Black Thumb Gardener
    Getting down in the dirt and planting a veggie garden is not always the easiest thing. If you’ve got a bad back, knees that ache, or arthritic hands, you may not look forward to planting time. In order to get a delicious, plentiful veggie garden going, however, we do what we must, even when it doesn’t come easy. Despite the fact that there are veggies you have to work harder to grow than others, some veggies do fall on the more flexible side. In fact, so flexible are they that you can grow [...]
  • Deer Feeding in Garden
    Cultivating a vegetable garden results in a plentiful bounty for all to eat. Chances are that if you have one, your friends and family will also enjoy the products of your efforts. Sometimes sharing is a welcome activity, but in other cases it might not be. No one likes those uninvited guests that always take but never give back, coming over without your permission and leaving a mess in their wake. One such garden guest that fits exactly this description is the deer. Vegetable gardens are an [...]
  • Tomato Horn Worm
    Enjoying a delicious tomato sandwich is high on the list of priorities for many of us this summer. As we painstakingly grow and care for our tomato plants, it is only natural to look forward to the reward that comes when we are surrounded by vibrant tomatoes. Though we humans enjoy these tomatoes immensely, we are not the only ones; unfortunately tomatoes are tasty to pests as well. One pest in particular is driven to consume and destroy the tomatoes we work so hard to produce. That pest is the [...]
  • Garden Cukes
    Biting into a piece of crisp cucumber is sure to make any summer just that much brighter. No matter how you eat cucumbers, enjoyment is sure to be part of the package. Cucumbers are also fairly easy to grow, much to the delight of veggie gardeners everywhere, as they thrive in hardiness zones 4-11 and can be grown quickly in about any location regardless of space due to the plant’s tendency to climb upwards. If this is something you desire, a trellis is a good way to achieve such growth. [...]
  • Photo: Grow Better Veggies
    Commonly seen in the veggie garden is the tomato. In addition to being delicious and having a place alongside or inside of many meals, tomato plants and seeds are widely available. Most everyone can appreciate a crisp tomato on their burger, in their salad, or as part of a pasta dish, and as a result tomatoes are usually the first plant people invest in when they decide to start growing their own food. Despite the popularity of the tomato, they do not always come easy. Depending on your [...]
  • summer salad
    At long last, summer is upon us! With summer comes delicious food offerings from the veggie garden for us to enjoy. One of the many great ways to use your garden veggies is in salads. If you find yourself looking for exciting new salad recipes this time of year, however, you will likely find that many of them involve fruit as well. Regardless of your fruit preferences, there are many salad options to cater to your taste. Whether it is apples and pears that suit your fancy or perhaps watermelon, [...]
  • orange peppers
    There are a plethora of dishes that can be complimented by the addition of a pepper. Whether it is raw peppers in salad, peppers on a pizza, peppers paired with onions and placed on a bun next to sausage, or stuffed peppers themselves, peppers make for excellent eating. They can also make dishes more aesthetically pleasing and festive by adding a pop of color to your culinary creations. A good pepper dish truly is hard to pass up! Even better than their taste and pleasant appearance is the [...]
  • end rot in vegetables
    There is frustration aplenty to be had when you set out into the garden in search of that perfect tomato only to instead find one with blossom end rot. Though it is a common issue with which veggie gardeners are faced, it is no less disheartening when it rears its ugly head. Rather than letting tomatoes and other affected vegetables go to waste as they fall victim to blossom end rot, make changes to your garden to avoid it in the first place. Blossom end rot materializes in the form of a watery [...]
  • kale leaves
    If you’re a fan of leafy greens with staying power then you might want to consider getting acquainted with kale. A member of the cabbage family, kale has made appearances as a garnish on many dinner plates only to be discarded and ignored, but the fact of the matter is that kale has a plethora of nutrition benefits that have brought it into the spotlight in recent years. Kale is low in calories while at the same time being loaded with protein, fiber, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamins [...]
  • tea bags in the garden
    Tea is a beverage enjoyed by many of us on a frequent or daily basis. After you make your favorite brew, what do you do with the used teabags? Disposing of them is one answer, but a better one would be to take them out to your vegetable garden or compost bin so they can serve another beneficial purpose. Before using teabags in any gardening fashion, it is important to educate yourself about the bag itself. While many teabags will decompose, others have a polypropylene coating that makes them [...]
  • indoor seeds
    Upon deciding what you want to plant, your natural course of action may be to go to a nursery and purchase those plants. From that point, most can be transplanted directly into your garden and will continue to grow and thrive. Though this method is convenient, it is not always practical or efficient for everyone. In some cases, it is easier and more logical, not to mention more economically feasible, to start seeds indoors instead. Starting seeds indoors is a useful practice that allows you to [...]


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