Medicinal Plants: Better Health from the Veggie Garden

Photo: Tea Majesty

Injuries and illnesses happen despite our best efforts. When these things befall us, we often turn to modern medicine to fix that which ails us. Although the medical treatments that are commonplace in the world today are successful, there was a time when we did not have such innovation to rely on for health and wellness. In the past, we cared for ourselves with medicinal plants, a trend that is making its way back around.In gardens around the … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Enhance Tomato Health, Growth, and Taste

Photo: Hoss Tools

Tomatoes are universally popular in gardens everywhere. Whether you are new to gardening or very experienced, chances are tomatoes are on the list of things you wish to grow. If you purchase a pack of seeds, you can simply read the instructions for basic planting information. While this is useful, it is a mere glimpse into the art of tomato growing. Amid these planting instructions, you will not necessarily find care instructions, basic or … [Read more...]

Out of Garden Space? Burlap Sacks Can Help!


There are a lot of different ways to grow a veggie garden in a small or limited amount of space. Where it can get tricky, however, is with larger plants such as tomatoes. In many cases, pots or other containers can fall in the realm of too much or not enough. A good universal option, and an economical one, is a simple burlap sack.Much good can be said about burlap. For one, it is biodegradable, so when it’s time of usefulness has past, it … [Read more...]

Natural Pest Control: The Ladybug

Photo: Darren Thorpe

Pests can be quite a problem, inhibiting your efforts at raising a successful garden. In this day and age as we become more aware of the negative effects of pesticides and the dangerous chemicals they contain, it makes sense to turn away from such perils and embrace other means of keeping our gardens pest free. There are many ways to do this, one on of which actually involves an insect that is a friend to gardeners instead of a foe.The … [Read more...]

Drying and Storing Seeds from 5 Common Garden Vegetables

Photo: Viral Creek

As each planting season arrives, you are faced with the choice of which veggies to grow. Once this decision is made, the next step is to acquire seeds for planting. This can be done by shopping at local farm and garden stores or online ordering, but it gets even better than that: you can instead save your own seeds for planting rather than buying more. In addition to saving money, this option allows you to take advantage of a renewable resource … [Read more...]

The Colorful Carrot: Purple Popularity

Photo: Transition Farm

When most people think of a carrot, orange is the color that comes to mind. The color orange has been primarily associated with the carrot for quite some time as far as the masses are concerned. Though an orange carrot is a welcome sight in soups, salads, and on dinner plates, there was a time when the carrot was a different shade entirely.Prior to the 17th century, the majority of carrots were purple in color with a splash of other colors … [Read more...]

Preventing Splits and Cracks in Tomatoes

small kitchen garden

Watching as beautiful tomatoes come to fruition thanks to your gardening efforts is quite rewarding. As they appear, small and green, transitioning soon to become large, red, and delicious, we wait eagerly for the day they are ready to be plucked from the vine and moved inside to the dinner table. Sometimes during that process, however, things go wrong. One of those things is the formation of growth cracks or splits.Tomato cracks occur when … [Read more...]

Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Importance of Plant Placement Gardens

Photo: On the Green Farms

We’ve all had an experience in our lives where we were exposed to someone with whom we simply did not click. Whether it was a classmate or coworker, everyone knows someone who is the oil to their water. Despite your best efforts, there are some people in this world you are going repel or who will repel you. To this rule, plants are no exception.Although it may be tempting to dive right into planting a veggie garden, this truly in an … [Read more...]

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