There are many diverse aspects to growing food, and everyone finds their own path toward their livelihoods -- filled with both fun and hardships. Follow along as we explore our food and the tools we use to get us there.

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Getting Your Garden Plan Ready for Spring

A frequent topic of discussion amongst gardeners is having a garden plan. This encompasses what plants will be located in which areas. It also details which ones will be [...]
  • Cinnamon In The Garden by Oh My Veggies
    A concept we as gardeners love is finding something that has more than one use or purpose. Not only does this save money, but it can also save shopping time as well as space around the house as your store such things between uses. One item in particular that is small enough to store with ease, even when bought in bulk, yet still has a plethora of uses is cinnamon. Many of us probably have cinnamon in the house already for our consumption needs. It could be that you’re baking a delicious apple [...]
  • Growing Ginger by Gardening Jones
    As gardeners, we strive to grow a garden that is rich with herbs, spices, and vegetables that are healthy for us as well as appetizing to eat. Many items meet these criteria, making it hard to narrow down our options to only the things we have room enough to grow. When making these sometimes tough decisions, something you may want to avoid passing up is ginger root. Ginger is a flowering plant in which the rhizome is typically used as a spice. The plant hails from China but has made a very [...]
  • Seed Selection by Plant Fair Nursery
    When you start thinking about what’s in store for your garden over the next few months, you may find yourself poring over The Rare Seed Catalog, scanning every page deliberately as you dream of what’s to come. Although this certainly is one way to do it, a trip to the garden center nearest you for seed selection can be just as much fun. Whichever method you use to secure your seeds aside, they all have one thing in common, and that is that decisions must be made regarding what you intend to [...]
  • Soil Preparation by Petal Mist
    Around the country there have been some unseasonably warm temperatures extending into December. Depending on the place you call home, you may even be seeing flowers blooming that ordinarily would not be this time of year. Although this extended warm season is unexpected, it can be pretty enjoyable at times, especially if you have veggie garden work to get done or soil preparation to tend to in order to be ready for spring planting. While the weather holds off on unleashing bitter cold but is [...]
  • Zucchini by CT Gardens
    If you are a fan of zucchini, you are absolutely not alone! Zucchini is extremely versatile and has many uses on the dinner table. In fact, there are dishes out there that contain zucchini that one might not ever realize or suspect. These dishes are just as delicious as ever, only healthier for their zucchini contents, which makes adding it to your veggie garden an easy call to make. With low calories (17 per 100 grams), no cholesterol, and no saturated fat, zucchini is a friend to most any [...]
  • Straw Bale Gardening by Modern Farmer
    One of the trickier things about gardening is location. If you are lucky enough to garden in an obstacle free environment, you are one of the few. Many of us have to deal with nearby trees or structures that cast shade upon our gardening efforts. Since eradicating these sources of shade is not always possible, we sometimes have to simply work around them in the best way we can. With shorter days upon us, however, natural shade combined with limited sunshine in the first place can really hinder [...]
  • Container Gardening by
    As the cold weather settles in over the next few months, you may find yourself wishing for the busy gardening days of spring and summer. Though some fall planting may keep us occupied, things seem to go much slower during this time of year. If you feel like your hands may be too idle for the foreseeable future, you might want to try your hand at container gardening as a means of staying occupied and having fresh veggies to eat over the next few months. Container gardening is popular amongst [...]
  • Tomato Cages by Bonnie Plants
    Veggie gardeners everywhere appreciate a well grown tomato. When you produce a healthy, delicious tomato, it truly does seem like the sky is the limit. There is so much you can do with that tomato but first you have to grow it. When it comes to growing tomatoes, we are constantly striving to outdo ourselves, remaining convinced that the best is yet to come. In order to prove that true, here are some tomato growing techniques to try this coming spring. Give them a Change of Scenery: Don’t [...]
  • Growing Pumpkins by Hub Pages and Sustainable Gardening
    It is the time of year where pumpkins are upon us. Between the recent Halloween holiday and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkins are taking the spotlight at this time of year. Pumpkin drinks are being consumed in every coffee shop and pumpkin pies are on the list for Thanksgiving dinner. They are also great in soups and breads. At the time it is safe to say pumpkin is everywhere, but the real question is does pumpkin belong in your garden? Pumpkins are actually pretty easy to grow [...]
  • Soil Test by Input Garden
    A very important part of veggie gardening is soil. It is the foundation for plant growth and a large part of what determines your success or failure at growing the veggies you wish to have. With that in mind, soil is something we should pay extra attention to not only caring for but also knowing more about. If someone were to ask what type of soil you had in your garden, how readily would you be able to answer that question? Knowing the answer to this is vital to being able to properly cater to [...]
  • Basil and Tomatoes by Mystical Magical Herbs
    A life well-lived is not boring, and part of that should be not eating boring foods. Leave the bland meals for someone else and instead dine on those infused with flavor. An excellent way to do this is to cook with basil grown in the veggie garden. Basil is a very fragrant plant that is widely used in cooking. It is a wonderful seasoning herb and is very popular in pesto. In addition to being delicious, basil is also quite healthy. It has flavonoids that have demonstrated an ability to protect [...]


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