3 Must-Have Garden Power Tools

The great thing about using power tools in the vegetable garden is they help to save time, not to mention make gardening tasks a bit easier on your body. Their are many power vegetable garden tools that make the most difficult tasks a snap. Of course, power tools are a bit more expensive than hand tools, but they are worth it for the savings on your back and knees. Although power tools can with a higher price tag they generally last several years and are worth their weight in gold for saving time in the vegetable garden.

Black Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator

Here are five must-have vegetable gardening power tools you can add to your tool arsenal.

Mantis Gas-Powered Cultivator/Tiller

Mantis Cultivator-Tiller

The Mantis Gas-Powered Cultivator/Tiller has become one of the most popular cultivators and tillers available to home vegetable gardeners. It is lightweight, easy-to-use and does a great job. The Mantis can till up a 500 square foot vegetable garden in no time and is small enough to get in between rows for easy cultivating. The Mantis will keep your vegetable garden looking great all season!

Black & Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator

Black Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator

The Black & Decker Cordless Garden Cultivator is like a dream come true for easily cultivating in your garden. This cordless cultivator runs off an 18-volt rechargeable battery and is very lightweight. I love not having to drag a cord around and worrying if the cord may accidentally damage surrounding plants. If you are interested in a tool that quickly and easily bust up the weeds, this cultivator might be the answer!

Weed Claw and Bulb Drill

Weed Claw and Bulb Drill

The Weed Claw and Bulb Drill is not really a power tool in itself, but of course you need a power tool to operate it. This is a two-piece set that comes with a handy weed claw and a bulb auger. The Weed Claw easily and quickly snatches weeds up by the root and is perfect for grabbing weeds in tight spaces. If you have a weed growing right next to a plant, it will grab the weed up without damaging your precious plant.

The Bulb Drill is an auger that quickly creates a planting hole for bulbs and other plants. Although it is made for planting bulbs it work great for creating holes for seedlings.

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  1. Thanks you so much for your kind help that is really good article.

  2. I live in heavy clay/blackland soil with lots of bermuda grass. It just chews those little Mantis up and spits them up. I used to have a heavy rototiller, but can’t run it anymore. I have to get someone to come out with a tractor and disk to break the garden out. Have you had any such trouble with your Mantis?

  3. I saw a mantis in action last summer and was pretty impressed, hey Stephanie I didn’t notice the Mantis having any problems when I saw it but it wasn’t as rough of ground as you described, never seen the weed claw though, looks interesting

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