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Flea Beetles

Discussion in 'How To Deal With Pests And Diseases' started by PHONETOOL, Jan 11, 2013.


    PHONETOOL Well-Known Member


    These pests seem to hang around the garden at the beginning of the season There are several ways to deal with them This is what worked for me I put out Beer traps because I thought I had a slug problem what I found in my beer traps were flea beetles for some reason flea beetles like beer. I also made a spray of water mixed with crushed garlic,dish soap & water. I didn't spray everything just the problem areas these two in combination has seemed to wipe out the beatles.

    Other methods here >> http://voices.yahoo.com/natural-methods-controlling-flea-beetles-your-6294784.html
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  2. Phiddy

    Phiddy Well-Known Member

    I used DE and it didn't do diddly squat. So then tried Neem oil. Within a day or, two I had half the amount of flea beetles I started out with. Needs to be reapplied every 5 - 7 days. Hope this takes care of the problem as they started out in one of our raised beds and spread to two others.

  3. Can professionals be contacted for the same?

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