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It is spring who's planting?

Discussion in 'Show Off Your Garden' started by stephanie, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. stephanie

    stephanie Super Moderator

    yes he was feeling a bit competitive this year and figured he would give it a try with dent corn,pole beans and squash the three sisters method in a different area. he gave up so I decided to help a bit and replant some of the corn,beans and add the squash. watered the heck out of it. hopefully it will take off better now and he will regain some of that gardening spirit. his was looking really sad compared to mine I inherited my grandmothers green thumbs so I know I can salvage his garden space.:)
  2. PatOrtega

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  3. we have decided to not till any more but the troy built rear tine tillers hold up great.

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