Vegetable Gardening Resources

Here is a list of vegetable gardening resources, products, services, and guides I use in my own vegetable garden and highly recommend you use as well. I truly believe in using organic gardening methods and products for growing fresh, healthy foods.

I hope you enjoy this valuable list of resources and find them useful in your vegetable gardening adventures.

101 Tips for Growing Amazing Organic Vegetables

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Organic Vegetable Seeds

W. Atlee Burpee Company

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Burpee has been a leading vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seed provider since 1876.

Burpee offers a huge selection of organic hybrid and heirloom varieties that is rivaled by none. Check out what’s new.

Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.

Gurneys Seed Logo

Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co. is one of the world’s leading seed suppliers – and one of the oldest! If you are looking for a particular flower, fruit, or vegetable, it’s a safe bet to that Gurney’s has it. Make your next seed order at one of the most trusted names in seeds – Gurney’s!

Be sure to check out their new selections.

Cook’s Garden

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Cook’s Garden offers the best in gourmet, premium vegetables from heirloom tomatoes to buttery lettuces. If you are in need of a great sources for fantastic organic and gourmet vegetable plants and seeds, then look no further than Cook’s Garden.

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Organic Gardening

Garden’s Alive!

Gardens Alive logo

Garden’s Alive! is an industry leader when it comes to organic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. Every product they offer in their massive inventory is completely organic. Garden’s Alive! offers the best organic fertilizers for tomatoes, potatoes and other crops you can find, on or off the internet.

If you want to fight pests and grow great organic vegetables, Garden’s Alive is your one-stop shop!

Free Vegetable Gardening Guides

Below you will find some handy guides that you can download to keep on your computer, or print out if you like. Each guide is in a PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader (which is a free program) to view them.

Vegetable Seed Planting Guide

Vegetable Seed Planting Guide

The Vegetable Seed Planting Guide gives information on:

    • Seed starting information for 29 commonly-grown vegetables
    • What months to start each vegetable
    • Whether to start them indoors, or direct sow (or both)
    • Appropriate soil temperatures needed for each seed to germinate
    • Proper planting depth and spacing of each vegetable seed when sowing
    • How many days each seed should germinate

*Actual planting times and germination rates will depend greatly on your growing zone and climate conditions. This guide is to be used as a general reference. Check with your local cooperative extension office for exact information for your particular area.

Companion Planting Guide

Companion Planting Guide

The Companion Planting Guide gives information on which vegetables are good companions and which are not.

Use the power of companion planting in your vegetable garden to maximize production and reduce pest and disease problems.

This guide will help you determine which plants are good companions, and which ones to avoid planting near each other.

Short-Term Storage Guide for Fresh Vegetables

Short-Term Storage Guide for Fresh Vegetables

The Short-Term Storage Guide for Fresh Vegetables gives you information on storing your fresh vegetables for the short-term.

There’s information on how long each vegetable can be stored, how it should be stored, and the proper temperature and humidity that’s needed to ensure your produce stays fresh as long as possible.

A very handy guide to use when harvesting your vegetables, or when storing purchased produce.