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    The Pot Lifter - If you are a container gardener you will fall in love with The Pot Lifter. The Pot Lifter is a very handy tool for transporting large and heavy pots or containers.This tool is priceless for saving your back, and reducing the chances of dropping and damaging your container of...
  2. Veggie Gardener Articles
    Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated with inventing, improving, and using tools. Vegetable gardeners are no different. Having the right garden tool for the job can make gardening a snap, not to mention more enjoyable. Having a dull, or inadequate garden tool, can turn the simplest...
  3. Veggie Gardener Articles
    I know this sounds like an odd topic because soaker hoses are suppose to have holes, right? The whole point of a soaker hose is to leak water. Well, there are moments when a large hole can develop in a soaker hose, and create something that looks more like Old Faithful in your garden. This...
1-3 of 3 Results