Growing green beans (sometimes referred to as pole beans, snap beans, string beans, or bush beans) is quickly becoming a very popular vegetable in the vegetable garden. There is a good reason why - green beans are very easy to grow and prolific producers. Most green beans are ready to pick 45 to 60 days after germination, making them a favorite for a quick and steady harvest. If you love green beans and are interested in growing them in your vegetable garden, here are a few tips for growing the best green beans in town.

Growing Great Green Beans

Pole Green Beans

  • Green beans grow best in full soil and warm soil that has reached between 65°F and 70°F.
  • You can soak most green bean seeds overnight in a small dish of warm water. This will help speed up the germination process.
  • Plant your green beans in fertile, well-drained soil to suppress the chances of root rot.
  • Choose disease resistant varieties of green beans to prevent diseases such as rust, powdery mildew, and curly top virus.
  • Maintain good spacing around green beans to increase air circulation and decrease chances of powdery mildew. Pole beans can be planted at a spacing of 2-1/2 feet, while bush beans should be planted at 3 foot intervals.
  • Water your green beans at ground level using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system. This helps to keep plant leaves dry and prevent diseases.
  • Never walk around or work on your green bean plants when they are wet. Working around the wet leaves can promote the spread of disease.
  • Fertilize green beans using organic methods such as compost, fish emulsion, compost tea, or other organic fertilizers.
  • When growing pole beans, give the vines some support using a trellis, stakes, or pole for them to climb up. Letting them sprawl across the garden is a sure way to promote disease and lower production.
  • Always harvest green beans often. Picking green beans often helps to promote more growth and increased yields.

Grow Awesome Green Beans In Your Vegetable Garden!