1. The Pot Lifter - If you are a container gardener you will fall in love with The Pot Lifter
    . The Pot Lifter is a very handy tool for transporting large and heavy pots or containers.This tool is priceless for saving your back, and reducing the chances of dropping and damaging your container of precious herbs, vegetables, or flowers. The Pot Lifter can also be used to move heavy bags of mulch, cement, landscaping stones, or just about anything that is heavy and bulky.
  2. Garden Weeder - The Garden Weeder
    is another tool that will go a long way towards saving your back. Just grab those pesky weeds with the three-prong grabber, turn the Garden Weeder 360 degrees, and then pull straight up - removing the weed, roots and all. The long handle on the Garden Weeder allows you to accomplish all your weeding without ever having to bend over!weed_grabber
  3. Garden Kneeler & Seat - The Garden Kneeler Seat
    is a great comfort while working in the garden. You can use this item to either kneel or flip around and use as a seat. This will eliminate knee and back strain, helping you to complete your gardening tasks comfortably.garden-kneeler
  4. Garden Dump Cart - No gardener's tool shed can be complete without a high quality garden dump cart
    . You will be able to haul just about anything in this garden cart with its 600 pound capacity and awesome dumping feature. Never bend to take something out of the cart or wheelbarrow again!cart
  5. Hound Dog Garden Cultivator - The Hound Dog Garden Cultivator
    makes cultivating your garden a breeze. Not only does it loosen soil, but it also aerates and weeds around plants. It has an adjustable handle and removable tines for easy access around tight spaces.cultivator
  6. SpeedMaster Garden Seeder - The Speedmaster Garden Seeder
    lets you easily sow your favorite seeds without wasting any seeds. This unique seed sower enables you to sow seeds with precision and eliminates the chances of spilling seeds in unwanted areas. It is perfect for sowing tiny seeds that are difficult to handleSpeedmaster Garden Seeder
  7. Garden Auger - The Garden Auger
    is a fantastic tool for quickly creating holes needed for sowing your favorite seeds - cutting your hole-digging time in half. The Garden Auger will establish neat and orderly holes for planting in seconds, helping to keep your rows and garden much more organized. The Garden Auger is perfect for also planting bulbs and other plants.auger
  8. Sifting Shovel - The Sifting Shovel
    is invaluable for cleaning undesirable debris from topsoil. The mesh blade sifts the soil removing small rocks, roots and other items leaving you with perfectly clean gardening soil.sifting_shovel
  9. Diamond Head Weeder - The Diamond Head Weeder
    is another weeding tool that is a very nice addition to any garden tool shed. Just stick the pointed blade in the ground underneath the weed and flip the complete weed out of the ground. The long handle reducing the need to bend over or kneel.dhead_weeder
  10. Circle Hoe - Last but not least on the list is the Circle Hoe
    . The Circle Hoe is a tool that makes easy work of ridding your garden of weeds. The Circle Hoe comes in many sizes from hand to long handled. This is the perfect tool for getting into tight spots to nab those aggravating weeds from around plants. The Circle How is very simple to use and will help you keep the garden weed-free all season long. c_hoe