I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to vegetable gardening. Over the last few years, I have caught myself doing things or saying things that has confirmed that I am a gardening junkie. There are many ways that you can be classified as a vegetable gardening addict. Here are 20 ways you know you are addicted to vegetable gardening:

  1. You have a stack of seed catalogs on the back of your toilet.
  2. You are confused and feel sorry for someone that does not garden.
  3. You go to stores like Wal Mart or Lowe's and browse the garden section in the dead of winter - even when it's empty.
  4. You buy three times as many seedlings than you have room for.
  5. When you drive by an empty lot, you say, "That would make one nice garden".
  6. While at the nursery, you discover a variety of tomatoes that you have never seen and buy it because you got to have it.
  7. You look for excuses to miss family functions because you just want to garden.
  8. The only channel you ever watch on TV is HGTV.
  9. The only websites that you have bookmarked in your Favorites are gardening sites.
  10. You name your pets 'Brandywine' or 'Cajun Delight'.
  11. You desperately want to hop over the fence and work in your neighbor's garden.
  12. You dig through the neighbor's trash to find anything you can compost.
  13. You ask for a new cultivator and floating row covers for Christmas.
  14. You spend more than four hours a day looking at gardening websites.
  15. The only books in your bookcase are gardening books.
  16. You carry a copy of The Farmer's Almanac everywhere you go.
  17. When you are looking at new homes the first thing you ask the realtor is, "Can we see the backyard?".
  18. You own more gardening gloves than you do socks.
  19. While doing laundry you realize your clothes are dirtier than your kids' clothes.
  20. You call your gardening fork your "pride and joy".

If you can say any of these about yourself then you are definitely a vegetable gardening addict! I know that I fit quite a few of these myself. I would love to hear what makes you a vegetable gardening addict!