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Well, it's almost the first day of spring and we are planning our 2022 gardens.
This year, as well as my in ground plot, I have built a few planters and going to build a few raised beds also. This will help my old back some I hope. The inground garden will have potatoes, zucchini, melons, that sort of thing. The planters/raised beds will have the smaller stuff that needs more care.

What are your plans for 2022?

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A very nice (neat) yard

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Planted 3 rows of potatoes this morning, 1 1/2 rows each of Russets and Chieftain Reds. I usually do twice as much, but my doctor says I am borderline diabetic now and have to watch my starch/sugars intake. Trouble is, I love my
Looks like rain the rest of the day.

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After a cool spring, things are starting to explode around here. Bit of a heat wave the last few days seems to have helped. It's the first year with raised beds/planters for me so everything is a bit hodgepodge and over crowded.

Cucumbers just starting to grow up trellis.
Plant Flowerpot Wood Grass Rectangle

Tomatoes. Really overcrowded might have to pull a couple out.
Plant Plant community Fines herbes Vegetation Grass

Plant Wood Rectangle Grass Wood stain

Carrots and Beets need thinning
Plant Plant community Flower Outdoor bench Botany

Peppers and Sweet potatoes...not doing much yet
Plant Flowerpot Botany Wood Houseplant

Plant Fines herbes Shrub Groundcover Flowering plant

Onions, more carrots
Plant Flower Botany Wood Outdoor bench

In the yard garden....Potatoes, Zucchini, Pumpkin, Squash and some corn.
Plant Plant community Tree Botany Land lot

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Also, my 4 year old great grand daughter wanted her own garden, so I gave her some seeds and she went to town...This is the result. She must get the over crowding thing from

Purple Pink Grass Tree Wood

Smile Grass Mammal Jacket Wood

Plant Flower Leaf Fines herbes Grass
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