If you visit your local book store, you can find possibly hundreds of books on vegetable gardening. How do you weed (no pun intended) through all those books to find a really great one?

That's why I am listing my three favorite vegetable gardening books. These three books are full of valuable information and tips to help anyone become a successful vegetable gardener. I'm not saying these three are the best vegetable gardening books out there, but they are some of the best I have come across.

  1. The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

    The Vegetable Gardener's Bibleby Edward C. Smith - Edward Smith discusses his gardening method called W.O.R.D., which is Wide rows, Organic methods, Raised beds, and Deep soil. By following this complete system you can cultivate deep, powerful soil that nourishes plants and discourages pests and disease. The result is fewer weeds, healthier plants, and lots of great-tasting vegetables.

  2. Garden's Way Joy of Gardening

    Garden's Way Joy of Gardeningby Dick Raymond - Garden Way's Joy of Gardening can show anyone, anywhere, how to turn any patch of ground into a lush, bountiful vegetable garden.The companion to the television series of the same name, Garden Way's Joy of Gardening contains the best of Dick Raymond's vegetable gardening wisdom-his proven methods for raised beds, wide rows, and other techniques that promise a bigger harvest with less work. Full color photographs and illustrations, and at-a-glance charts make Dick's proven methods accessible to any gardener, beginner or seasoned expert.

  3. Secrets to Great Soil

    Secrets To Great Soilsby Elizabeth P. Stell - The ultimate guide to creating fertile, productive soil anywhere. In easy-to-understand terms, Elizabeth Stell teaches readers all about the properties and value of good garden soil. She explains how to improve soil health with amendments and fertilizer and gives tips for customizing soil for a variety of vegetables, flowers, fruits, trees, shrubs, and lawns. Secrets to great soil covers includes chapters on these soil-building topics:

    • Get to Know Your Soil

    • Creating Fertile Soil

    • Soil-Building Tools

    • Making and Using Compost

    • Mulches, Amendments, and Green Manures

    • How to Choose and Apply Fertilizers

    • Improving New Sites and Problem Soils

    • Fine-Tuning Tips for Specific Plants

    • A Soil-Care Calendar
All three books are a very handy resource of information towards successful gardening. They are available at amazon.com for a fairly reasonable price (under $20).

Also, the next time you are browsing your local book store, check out their discount or bargain areas. Usually there are many gardening books there at a very inexpensive price.

If buying books doesn't interest you, visit your local library. The public library usually has a decent selection of gardening books, and you may even find some that are pertinent to your local area.