After giving 20 tips for starting seeds indoors, I figured it would be a good time to also discuss some items that make it much easier for sowing seeds. Sowing seeds can sometimes be a tedious task, especially for those very tiny seeds. Seed tapes can help aid with sowing tiny seeds outdoors, but when sowing indoors it is usually done by hand. It can be very easy to drop seeds, spill seeds and accidentally sow too many seeds in one place. Fortunately, there are some great tools available that can help you to avoid these common problems. Here are six items for easier seed sowing.

Dial Seed Sower
- This handy seed sower is very easy to use and will precisely sow the tiniest seeds. It features five hole settings to accommodate various seed sizes. Save time and money by never wasting seeds again.


Mini SeedMaster Seed Planter
- You can easily sow seeds that are typically hard to handle with this seed planter. It works much like a syringe, making sowing seeds a snap. It can be used to sow directly in seed trays, flats, pots or directly in the garden. Using this will dramatically cut back on the need for thinning out seedlings.


Speedmaster Garden Seeder
- Quickly and efficiently sow seeds with this ingenious tool. The Speedmaster Garden Seeder features three separate dividers for different seed sizes and will cut your seed sowing time in half.


Precision Garden Seeder
- This tool won't do much for indoor seed sowing, but for those gardeners that sow rows of vegetable seeds in their gardens, the Precision Garden Seeder is just the tool you need. It features six seed plates for different seed sizes and automatically spreads seeds at the determined spacing. Not only will this seeder save you money, but will go far for saving your back.