There is typically a huge misconception with vegetable gardening that a person needs a huge yard in order to grow their own fresh foods. Those living in urban areas cannot say they don't have room for a vegetable garden any more. Anyone living in an apartment or condo can still grow awesome vegetables right on their patios or balconies.

The increased interest in growing vegetables has led the way for some very innovative and useful vegetable gardening products to accommodate urban gardening - especially using container gardening. Here are five vegetable planters you can use to grow great vegetables in small spaces.

The EarthBox


The EarthBox Garden Kit is a super easy-to-use container gardening kit that features wheels for easy mobility, and takes just a few minutes to set up. It comes with everything you need to quickly grow great vegetables, including fertilizer, domolite and two germination covers. Just add potting soil and your favorite vegetable plants.

Garden Path Grow Box

grow box

The Garden Patch Grow Box is similar to the Eartbox and will automatically feed and water your vegetable plants. All you have to do after the initial set up is plant and pick your favorite vegetables.

Mini-Garden Stacker

garden stacker

The Mini-Garden Stacker is the perfect way to grow a fantastic herb garden on a patio, deck, or balcony - you can even use it indoors! It features nine pockets to hold herbs or flowers, is self-watering, and collapses for easy storage! Now you have an attractive, easy-to-care for herb garden almost any where. You can even hang the Mini-Garden Stacker up, which makes a great looking hanging basket that's easy to reach.

Tomato and Vegetable Tower


The Tomato and Vegetable Tower is a fantastic way for growing tomatoes and other vegetables on a patio or balcony. If growing tomatoes or vining vegetables, grow them upside down in the tower. For lettuces or peppers, grow them right-side up in the tower. The tower is self-watering and will be a nice looking addition to any patio.

Tomato Grow Bags

tomato grow bag

The Tomato Grow Bags are gaining popularity as one of the preferred ways to easily grow tomatoes without any weeding or digging. The grow bags are porous so the plant roots can breathe and to allow for water drainage. Each bag holds about 15 gallons of soil and can accommodate two tomato plants.

There are no excuses for not growing vegetables on your patio or balcony now! Using these five planters will have you growing delicious, fresh vegetables all season long. If you live in an apartment or condo, try one of these great container garden solutions today!

Do you grow vegetables on a patio or balcony? Please share with us how you grow your vegetables!