I do not know how many times I have been asked why I grow a vegetable garden. A friend of mine once told me I was nuts to spend all that time messing with a garden when I could just go to the market and buy all the vegetables I wanted.

Sure, if I hit the lottery.

Well, I told him that he was nuts for NOT growing a garden. So if you are one of those people that are sitting on the fence on whether to grow your own vegetables - here are five good reasons you should have a vegetable garden.

You Know What You Are Eating

When you grow your own vegetables, you know exactly what went in those vegetables. You were the one to fertilize, water, and nurture those plants.

When you buy vegetables from a super market or produce stand, you have no way of knowing how (or where) they were grown. There could be harmful pesticides or fungicides used during the raising of those vegetables.

Remember all the salmonella and e. coli outbreaks lately dealing with produce? If you grow your own vegetables you do not have to worry about who else has been handling your vegetables or how they have been handling them.

Of course, you still want to exercise clean sanitary habits any time you handle something edible, but at least YOU are the one in control of that.

Growing Your Own Vegetables Is Very Cost-Effective

One trip to the local grocery store to buy produce can cause sticker shock now-a-days. By growing your own vegetables, then preserving (by canning, freezing, or drying) them, you could potentially save a truck-load on your food bill. You can literally save hundreds of dollars in the long term by growing your own vegetables. And who doesn't like the idea of saving money vegetable gardening?

Sure, there are costs associated with gardening, especially if you are just starting out. You have to rent or buy tools, gardening supplies (like tomato cages, twine or trellises for vining plants), among other items. But dollar for dollar you will come out ahead by growing your own vegetables.

Vegetable Gardening Is Good Exercise

Getting outside and working feverishly in the garden is very good exercise. It could become very feverish if the weeds start getting out of hand. Don't get scared by that, I will be covering some anti-weed tips in this blog later on.

For someone that is looking for a good, low-impact workout, it is hard to beat doing some gardening. There is nothing better than getting outdoors, with a cool breeze blowing, and tending your garden.

It sure is much better for you than sitting inside watching television or taking a nap.

Vegetable Gardening Is A Great Way To Connect With Family And Friends

When my grandmother was alive, there was no better way for her and I to connect than vegetable gardening. When her and I did not have much to talk about, we could always talk about vegetable gardening.

You can get your children involved in vegetable gardening with you. Give them their own plant to grow. Go out to the vegetable garden with them at least a couple times a week and guide them while their vegetable plants grow. You will have hours of enjoyment watching their excitement when their plant gets the first bloom, and then the first fruit.

Share vegetable gardening hints and tips with your friends. A friend of mine and I always visit one another's gardens to see what the other is doing. Sometimes we get a little competitive, but it's all in fun. We have built a great camaraderie just from sharing our gardening know-how with each other.

Growing Your Own Vegetables Is Very Rewarding

There is nothing better than coming in from a hard day of gardening to a big plate of home cooked, home grown vegetables. Having a fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and onions that are the fruits of your labor makes them that much better. That brings me to my next point - vegetables you grow yourself in the vegetable garden taste so much better than the bland stuff you buy at the grocery store.

Vegetables grown in your garden will be bursting with flavor and far more nutritious. Another good thing about growing your own vegetables is that you don't have to go far to get them - just right outside your door!

You take one bite from a store-bought tomato and then try a home-grown tomato and you will never buy produce at the grocery store again!

Start Growing Your Own Vegetables Today!

There are many, many more reason to grow your own vegetables - I have just touched on a few. If you have never grown a vegetable garden before, then it is a great time to jump right in. Growing your own vegetables is well worth the effort!

If you live in a urban area and don't have much, if any, yard to grow a garden, you can still grow some mighty fine vegetables in containers (or pots, if you like).

Make Gardening Fun and Easy