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Thanks everyone. My garden is probably about 400-500 sq ft but the back corner by the strawberries is mostly shaded by some tall trees (that I actually want to cut down), so I don't grow much back in that corner and I have a work table set up back there. Along the rear part of the garden/fence are perennials - mostly flowers - a barnsley (the tall bush with light pink flowers), irises (done blooming), some other bulb flowers that I can't remember now, lavendar, chamomile, oregano, some hollyhocks but they haven't bloomed yet so you can't really see them, but it's next to the chamomile (little white flowers).
Along the side fenceline, you can see the sugar snap peas climbing the fence, a bit of lettuce left (although I pretty cut it all yesterday), a few random tomato plants that popped up by seed, beets and carrots. There are two raspberry shoots just in front of the peas along the fence line also. Then I have about 6-7 rows of green beans next to those raspberries.
Back behind my tomato plants there are cucumbers and watermelons although you can't really see them in the photo. I think there are about 22 cucs plants! I planted almost an entire seed packet because I really didn't think they would all germinate. I even thinned out about 6-7 to give to my mom. I might have to learn to make pickles this year!. There are also onions and an artichoke but those didn't seem to make it in any pics.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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