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acorn trees

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OK, while on a vacation to salt lake city I picked up 2 acorns to bring home and see if I can grow them. Any growing tips hints or things to do to get these to germinate? all input is good!
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Well I followed the directions will see what happens in a month!:)
well here is a pciture of the sprouted acorn tree.
well since the acorn tree has spouted it is growing at a significant rate it is taller each day and noticeably as soon as it gets it's second set of leaves in a couple weeks or less I will have to put it in some soil. it is already twice as tall as it was in the above picture.
the acorn tree is 8 inches tall now! I am getting ready to put it in a dirt bath instead of it's sawdust one it currently has.
well both acorn seeds took off and grew, just transplanted them into soil this week. I picked up the acorns in salt lake city at the little america in the parking lot because I thought they looked cool. well now I will have acorns and 2 beautiful oak trees on my place :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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