It is hard to beat a good day's work out in the vegetable garden. There is something special about getting dirt on your hands and a little sweat on the brow pulling weeds, harvesting fresh vegetables, or tying up tomato plants.

Unfortunately, many gardeners rarely get the chance to actually stand back and visually enjoy all the hard work and effort they put in to making their gardens productive. I believe one of the many reasons why this occurs (other than a lack of time) is most vegetable gardeners do not create an inviting area to just sit back, relax for a while, and take in everything they have accomplished. A great way to provide this is to put a nice, comfortable garden bench near the vegetable garden.

Here are a some beautiful garden benches you could add to your vegetable garden to provide a great place to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

St. Thomas Cast Aluminum 2-Seater Loveseat with Cusion

aluminum loveseat

St. Thomas Cast Aluminum 2-Seater Loveseat
- This garden bench states elegance and style, not to mention comfort! It features an all-weather cushion for maximum comfort and a 500 pound seating capacity. Made of durable, lightweight cast aluminum and has a beautiful scrolling vine design on the back. This garden bench can become a striking feature placed near your garden.

V100 Outdoor Wood Bench

outdoor wood bench

V100 Outdoor Wood Bench
- The V100 Outdoor Wood Bench is perfect for those gardeners that prefer real wood bench. It is 66 inches long, 24 inches wide and 35 inches tall. It features kiln dried wood that resists mildew, mold and those pesky termites and has a very elegant design.

Western Red Cedar Garden Bench

red cedar garden bench

Western Red Cedar Garden Bench
- A great garden bench that is made completely from Western Red Cedar, so you know it will last for years. You can either stain this bench or let it weather, turning a beautiful shade of gray - adding an antique look to your landscape.

Think about it. You go out to the garden, you work your butt off nurturing your vegetable plants, then when the day's tasks are complete, you find a shady spot, and kick back in a stylish, comfortable garden bench with a cold glass of ice tea.

What better way to admire what you have created?

You can watch the bees bounce from bloom to bloom, enjoy the cool breeze as it blows upon your face, and become entranced as the beautiful swallowtails flutter carelessly across your garden. You could just doze off for a bit and take a little garden nap.