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Hello, everyone...
I've been living in Austin for the past 20 years but only gardening in the last 5. My father was an avid gardener near Galveston, using over a quarter-acre after he retired to grow a variety of summer vegetables. I always enjoyed helping him with the initial tilling and prep in the spring. If you have any gardening knowledge of that area, you know that clay gumbo soil has a small window of workability - too soon, and the tiller is gummed up. Too late and you may as well be trying to break up a parking lot.
I've taken his love of gardening, along with the many tips he gave me over the years, and applied it to my much smaller backyard in Southwest Austin. I went to a year-round garden scheme just last year and have been pleased with the results. If anyone is in the area, please feel free to contact me and we can put our heads together. In the meantime, good gardening to all.
David Presley
Austin, Texas
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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