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Are Plants and Vegetables an indicator of upcoming weather?

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Hey Everybody! There's something weird going on in my backyard and it's sort of freaking me out because I don't know what it means. I'm in zone 5 and for the most part it's fall and my world should be changing colors and the leaves should be dying off. Well anyway, in the middle of summer, some of my potted fruit trees and fruit bushes died after flowering and fruiting. Since I thought they died, I moved them out of the main stream of things because I wasn't ready to through them away. They are coming back to life. So I'm thinking they must have went through Fall during the middle of Summer??? One of my apple trees, a choke berry bush, a nightshade potato bush and some tomatoes have started budding, flowering and growing leaves. And all of a sudden my cucumbers and squash are flowering and carrying on. They should have done that when I was worrying about them not producing! Other than the vegetables which I can eat now, what should I do with these things? If they are all juicy and blossoming when it gets cold they really will die. Why are they out of season? Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks
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I had to trees do the same thing, my cherry and pear trees. I really think it was too much heat for too long and possibly a fungus. you can't do much for the squash plants but the trees can be covered with a old sheet if they have leaves when it starts to freeze and once they loose the leaves then brought indoors to a non heated garage/shed if they are in pots. this will help them weather the winter. they are doing this sudden leaf thing because they didn't get enough stored up for winter to survive. plus the wackey weather doesn't help any.
Thank you Stephanie! I will definitely baby them during the winter. :)
Yeah this is good information i like this actually i was in searching for this Gardening information and thinking to make a thread for this but i have no need to make any thread after read out this information anyways thanks for this and have a nice day....
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