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Hello all,

I currently live in Kingman, AZ and I am 50 yrs old, was raised by a PA farmboy, that was my father. So I have watched and participated in my dad's gardening skills for lots of years..I will never be the grower that he was, but I am trying with the skills that he taught me. with the arthritis, it makes it very hard to be physical anymore and I really want to do the work but the heat and sun just makes it nearly impossible to spend any real time in the yard. I have currently growing are pumpkins(i have no idea what type), cantalope, one great vine that has already produced a 22 in dia. melon. it had about three inches of meat inside and was mildly sweet. I have a Lemon Boy Tomato plant that has taken off like crazy but the fruit is very small, no bigger than golf balls. I have also have an eggplant that has flowered at least a dozed times but no eggplants yet...and last but least, strawberries, going into fall, I have loads of runners and I am trying to get them rooted so i can set them up for the winter but we had three weeks of hard thunderstorms and flooding, and now we just had another week of hot 90+ weather they are just so confused....lost some of the new ones, so now i have to let more runners grow...

I find it hard to garden because of the arthritis and my legs will swell if i am not careful but I like to have something to do everyday and I can get discouraged with how i manage to get things done cause i dont have a lot of money and very little help. but i cannot seem to give up on it so I push on..I have to....purpose in life is more than a having a job but something to enjoy and reflect on everyday...

I have three beautiful dogs, Angel, Beezer, and Rolly. I live alone with the occassional tenant that helps out around for a while. I live on a fixed income from social security that is not much and i have to really budget myself to make ends meet.
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