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Attending an all day gardening seminar

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I'm so excited. I signed up for a full day gardening seminar on Nov. 3rd. It's put on by our Master Gardener group. There are 4 different seminar sessions throughout the day and you have to pick your 1st and 2nd choice topics for each session. There are SO many classes offered, it was hard to come up with just 2 choices per session.

I won't find out which classes I got in to until I show up that morning, but some of the choices I selected were topics addressing "growing great blueberries", "gmo's", "composting", "square foot gardening", "greenhouse gardening", "growing fall & winter gardens in our region" and a few others, can't remember now.

anyways, that should be a fun and informative day!:)
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that sounds awesome, will watch for some thing like that close to me.
Sounds like fun Tammy. If you happen to get into that "growing great blueberries" class, let me know what you have learned.
heck if you get into any of them take notes and share. Wanna hear about it all!
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