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Australian Native Vegetables/Plants

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Hi everyone, a while back I said I'd find some info on Australian native vegetables. Well the results are kinda disappointing.
There are bush tomatoes growing in the Outback of central Australia (desert country), but some varieties are related to nightshade (poisonous) and it's hard to tell which kind! We also have native parsnips - that form at the base of a tree, which has to be dug out, and produces parsnips 2 inches long. :( The only real vegetable of value here are Warrigal Greens that are a ground-cover with basil type leaves. They are cooked and eaten as spinach after blancing to remove oxalates. They grow readily along the Australian eastern coast, are resistant to most pests, even slugs and snails. Captain James Cook discovered them two centuries ago and fed them to his crew to prevent scurvy. Plants like native fruit trees, nuts and berries are easier to source and grow. If anyone wants some more info on these I'll get back to you.
See ya!
Aussie Oscar
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