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begun harvesting sweet taters

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I started harvesting my sweet taters, this is about 1/3 of them. I raise my own sweet potato slips. I have a really good way if anyone is interested in knowing, lots better and faster growing then a tater in glass of water

Ky. wonder pole beans has really been producing! and still going strong, will until frost gets them, As I like the look of an old timey country garden I cut my own poles from my woods, as I did the rail fence. These beans are grown in a lasagna bed with log poles along the sides of bed which some of the poles are nailed to the log sides for better support.

these beds are where Irish potatoes were grown and after a good harvest, they have been rebuilt with added materials and horse manure and will be sown in turnip greens

this was my summer yellow and zucchini squash bed, it is 4'x50' and had a record crop. I started harvesting june 3rd, and it played out about 3 weeks ago (my wife was ready! lol) we gave away squash to about everyone. we canned squash relish, and a freezer full of squash. Besides she made lots of jars of zucchibi jelly, zucchini bread, and froze zucchibi for bread this winter. this bed is now in the process of being rebuilt with added compost, mulch, grass clippings and horse manure, which I will plant peas and use a row cover. next year this will be my tomatoe bed.

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i am interested in knowing how you start your sweet potato slips...i am going to try them next year..thank you.
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