Late and early blights are two of the most common diseases that infect tomatoes grown by home gardeners. It spreads very rapidly in ideal conditions and is difficult to treat against. The worst part about blight is by the time you realize the tomato plant is infected it is usually too late.

The number of blight cases rose dramatically during a sudden outbreak in the northeastern part of the U.S. in 2009, causing many vegetable gardeners to scramble trying to rid the disease from their vegetable gardens. Many lost their whole tomato crop due to blights.

One way to help prevent blights from taking out your tomatoes is to grow varieties that have some resistance. If you have had blight issues in previous seasons you may want to grow varieties that have resistance to the disease.

Here are a handful of the most blight resistant tomatoes available.


Legend Tomato

The Legend tomato is well known for its blight resistance. This determinate tomato produces medium-sized fruit that grows to about four to five inches in diameter and has a great tomato taste.

Legend is also a very early maturing slicing-type tomato which should be ready to harvest in about 68 days after setting out.

Old Brooks

Old Brooks Tomato

Old Brooks is an heirloom tomato that produces an abundant amount of large bright red fruit. This tomato is resistant to late and early blight and is excellent for canning.

Mountain Fresh Plus

Mountain Fresh Plus Tomato

The Mountain Fresh Plus offers excellent blight resistance and is able to tolerate wet, cool conditions. These traits make it perfect for the Pacific Northwest and mountainous areas.

It produces bright red fruit that can weigh up to sixteen ounces.

Golden Sweet

Golden Sweet Tomato

The Golden Sweet tomatoes is just like its name - golden in color and very sweet in taste. It also has a good resistance to late blight.

This is a grape tomato that produces a huge amount of clusters in one season. Johnny's Selected Seeds touts it as one of the best-eating yellow grape tomatoes and is resistant to cracking.


Juliet Tomato

The Juliet tomato is well known for it's awesome resistance to early and late blight. It is a cherry tomato that packs a fantastic taste and is ideal for using in salsa and making tomato paste. It is also crack resistant.

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