The Tomato of the Month for January 2010 is the Black Krim Tomato. The Black Krim is an heirloom tomato that has gained much popularity in the last few years. The Black Krim is highly regarded for its excellent, yet bold taste, and medium to large size. This tomato can vary in color ranging from a reddish brown hue towards the bottom of the fruit, then darkening to greenish-dark purple shoulders. Just a pinch of salt is needed to enhance the flavor, since this tomato already has a slight salty taste.

Let's learn just a bit about the history of the Black Krim.

A Little History

This heirloom tomato originates from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea, near the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine. It is believed that soldiers returning home from the Crimean War, in the late 19th century, gathered these seeds and began sharing them. As a result these seeds were later widely distributed throughout Europe.

Plant Specifics

The Black Krim is an indeterminate tomato plant, which grows between 4 to 6 feet (1.2 - 1.8m) in height. They require full sun, moderate watering, and should be caged or trellised to prevent them from laying on the ground. It takes between 69 and 80 days for the fruit to mature after germination - producing medium to large-sized fruits weighing 10 to 14 oz. These tomatoes tend to become darker the warmer the climate.

Black Krim tomatoes are prone to cracking and green shoulders. Watering in a consistent routine can help to ease these conditions some. Black Krim is an heirloom tomato, so it will not have disease resistance like a hybrid tomato. Therefore, it will be more susceptible to diseases, such as blight and Fusarium or Verticullium Wilts.

Black Krim tomatoes are extremely tasty, and will add not only great flavor, but visual interest to your salads. These tomatoes are also great for slicing and cooking. I highly recommend you try these tomatoes in your garden this upcoming season. I think you will be glad you did! Try some Black Krim Tomato seeds
for your garden.