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blueberry question

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This past winter, when the bushes went dormant, I transplanted my 3 yr old blueberry bushes from containers to my garden. They did great - lots of new growth in the spring, and one of them had lots of berries forming. I've noticed now though that some of the berries that were green, have sort of died or shriveled up. Short of testing my soil's PH (I will probably get a kit to test it though), does anyone know what might have caused this? there are still green berries on it, but not as many as before. When I transplanted, I prepped the hole to lower the PH - by adding pine needles, compost and some rhody/azalea fertilizer. I also mulched with wood shavings. They still look healthy and none of the leaves are dying or falling off. just wondering what might have caused some of the berries to not mature.

any ideas?
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the plant can't support all the berries it tried to put on this year and so had to let some go. this happens the year after transplanting next year it should be fine as long as you have enough bee's.
thanks. That makes sense. I'm just happy to be getting berries at all because I wasn't sure if it would produce after the transplant and adapting to a new environment. The other bberry bush is a different variety but has far fewer berries on it. Even in the pots, it didn't produce much, so I think it'll just take a few more years to mature more. I am also trying to plant more flowers to attract pollinators. I think I'll start a separate thread on that one . . .
well, a close look at my blueberry bush last night has me thinking I better get a soil test done because now almost all the blueberries are starting to shrivel up and some of the leaves are wilting. It almost looks like the bush is not getting water, yet i'm watering it daily and the soil is damp to the touch, so I don't think water is the issue. One thing I did do about 2 wks before I noticed some of the berries starting to dry up was to add a shovel full of ash around the base of the bush. We had some burn piles going of brush and small limbs from trees we had cut, and I took some of that ash to put around the blueberries. I was thinking that would help the acidity level that blueberries need, but I think it might have done more harm than good.
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