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Bring neutral ph down with compost?

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HI everybody!

I just tested my soil today three times where I want the major plants to be and each one said between 7-7.5 ph. Now I placed about two bags of Mirical Grow soil inside my 3 by 2 circle where I wanted my plants to be to help them grow, but they died when producing fruit. My pepper plant didn't start producing fruit until early September! and my pumpkin plant produce a couple of fruit, but they all shrivled up and dropped off! I watered them, even did that pinky method for judging if you need to water your garden and gave them some food as directed by the bag (dont have it with me at the moment)so that just left me confused.

I'm thinking that since I know the ph level of where I want to enlarge my plot for this spring and fall, maybe its a nutrient problem. If so, I just bought two giant *** bags of Black Gold Compost and was wondering if I could use that to solve the nutrient problem? I bought them just for the fact I could use it as mulch for my tomatoe plant that's still under a inch.

When I went to do the test this morning, I pulled some of the excess soil off and squeezed it. It formed a ball but started to brake loose slowly at the same time so I think the soil I placed there last fall helped. I actually had to slam it down hard enough to get it up because we have a lot of rocks and bits of bricks and other things like metal spoons trapped in it. I live in zone 6, louisville ky, so the earliest I'm going to start planting is the 20th-25th of March. I'm planning on planting a couple of tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and some flowers. It will be good to here your opinon's and thank you so much! ;)
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Thank you PHONETOOL :) I was able to learn more from this article than the ones I found yesterday! So when my plants began to fruit, or even before, I need to take my soil ph and lower it so that it will be more acidic so that the fruits will survive. And I can add coffee grounds to the soil to bring more nitrogen to it which should bring my even neurtal soil to 6.5.


What are coffee grounds? Is it what is left from the coffee beans when coffee is made, or is it just coffee beans crushed up? In between attending school and trying to find jobs, I just realized...I HAVE NO LIFE OUTSIDE OF THIS!!! :(

Here is a picture of my compost pile one trip to Starbucks

My garden helps clear my mind.. I'm happy to discuss gardens anytime :).. Coffee grounds are a green/ nitrogen. I use it in my compost bin. Starbucks has a giveaway.. They save coffee grounds for gardeners all that you have to do is ask. I also put them directly into my garden .

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