I have to admit, I love growing peas and I really love eating them. Peas are great for adding to soups, stews, salads, and a variety of other dishes. Of course, they are also awesome when simply served on their own.

Since peas are a vining plant it is imperative that you grow them vertically using a trellis or some other structure. Most years I have built my own pea support from various things like bamboo, repurposed wood, and just about anything else I could find. They all had varying results, so I wanted to try a commercial pea fence this season to see how well it would work.

After some research online I decided to try the Pea and Cucumber Fence from Burpee. It looked well-made, sturdy, and the price wasn't too bad.

Sure, it costs more than what it would cost me to build my own, but for $33.95 it isn't that bad. Plus, it should last a very long time and I can have it up and ready to go in just a few quick minutes over taking an hour or two to put my gadget together. I think it's well worth a few more dollars to get a quality piece that saves time and money over the long term.

The Burpee Pea Fence comes in two sections with each section measuring 40 inches tall and seven feet long. So, this pea fence will give you about fourteen feet of pea growing space. That's plenty enough for my needs.

If you do not have that much room you can always use one section for peas, and the other section for something else like cucumbers perhaps.

Setting Up the Burpee Pea Fence

One great element of this pea fence is that it easily folds up flat for easy storage. As soon as you take it out of the box, it is ready to go. There is no assembly at all!

The Burpee Pea Fence Taken Out of the Box

After you have the area where you want to grow your peas, you simply unfold the Burpee Pea Fence in a zig-zag accordion fashion and set it in place. The bottom of the pea fence sticks down about six inches to anchor it in place. Just sink those posts into the soil and you are good to go.

Set the Burpee Pea Fence Into Place

The toughest part of setting this pea fence up is getting the spacing between each bend right while sinking the anchor feet down in the soil. If you have trouble with that just get someone to give you an extra hand.

Over all, setting the Burpee Pea Fence up was a snap and took literally about three minutes. It took me longer to get it out of the box than it did to set up.

Set the Pea Fence Up In an Accordion Fashion

Finishing Up the Pea Fence Installation

Once you have the Burpee Pea Fence where you want it you are ready for planting your peas.

That's it! It is just that simple.

Not only is the pea fence easy to install, but it looks really good! It works very well and stays in place exceptionally well. Even with some very fierce thunderstorms this spring it never swayed a bit.

I highly recommend using the Burpee Pea and Cucumber Fence if you love growing peas. In my opinion it is the best way to support peas and I'm very happy with my purchase.