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I don't see a "how to" and chat area yet the deals with preserving and canning crops.
I have a question about Canning Potatoes, and was curious if anyone can help me.

Anywho... I got a good yield of potatoes this season (first time I have ever tried to grow them), and I know my girlfriends Mom used to can them. She did her's in quart cans and did not use a pressure cooker. I think she just boiled the whole can in water (not sure how long)

Well I do have a pressure cooker, but it is just a bit too short to hold a quart can. (so in reality I DON'T have a pressure cooker to use) LOL
(I know someone will jump in and say use 'pints' -- but this first little digging I had produced over a 5 gallon bucket full -- just about a 6 foot dig)

So I'm wondering how can I preserve my potatoes without using a pressure cooker. I know with out tomatoes, pickle, etc we just hot bath them... but what I've read said potatoes don't have enough acid to do that way. Someone help me out. I'm about to have potatoes running out my ears..
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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