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I've seen those bread in a jar recipes also. They sound interesting. I belong to a canning group on Facebook and canning bread in a jar causes so much debate! I'm blown away at how fiercely some people will argue over whether something should be canned or not. The general consensus over there is that bread cannot be made safe enough to ensure safe preservation in a jar, but I'm sure there are some people that will still do it.

the last of our local sweet corn was at the farmers market today, so I picked up another 30 ears. Will can it tomorrow and make some of it into cream style corn for canning also. Soon I should be able to start canning tomatos. I think I'm getting a large enough batch to make the work worthwhile. that'll probably be next weekends canning job. And the following weekend I think my apples will be ready to pick. Planning on make some apple butter, apple pie filling and applesauce.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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