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Carrot soil - lawn dressing mix

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I'm new here so go easy on me if this is a crazy idea. I've got some raised beds, about 450mm deep. As carrots are apparently bit tricky I've sectioned of an areas for them and I'm going to sieve to soil. Currently, its just this

There seams to be a bit of debate about the importance of sand but in the interest of drainage I was going to add some.

So... I don't have any sand laying around but I do have a load of lawn and turf dressing that i don't really need. It feels like its mainly sand anyway. Would this be a good idea?

I was also going to put 50mm of gravel down in the bottom to help drainage, just to be sure.

Any input welcome :)
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Welcome Joe. We have a few British members. Actually, I was born there, came to Canada at 2 years old.
My understanding is that carrots will grow in almost any soil, but like you said it needs to stay loose.
Are your raised beds right to the ground or a planter with a bottom? If it's right on the ground I wouldn't worry about putting gravel in.
Its right on the ground but the ground is quite clayey
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