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companion planting

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I did this and it worked very well for me,I used nasturtiums mostly as they will reseed them selves every year and they invite good bugs and humming birds to my garden to feast on bad bugs and nectar.I have also added marigolds at times too. just for the variety don't forget to plant flowers in your garden just for the reason they look good and attract the good guys.:D such as bee's,lacewings,ladybugs,praying mantis amongst others.
of course then there is the benefit of fresh cut flowers for the house too :eek: and some of those flowers can be used in salads or other food dishes as they them selves are edible,nasturtiums, marigolds,tulips,pansy are all edible.
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good information Stephanie, And I also use hyssop, which will be loaded with bees and butterflies. I use the agastache golden jubilee which is a perennial. it will bloom from early summer till a heavy frost, about 30 inches tall and 18 inch spread, so anyone having trouble with not having bees to polinate, this is the answer. also I like the Giant marigolds gets 36 inches high with huge blooms, and attracts many beneficial bugs and insects.
have a great year gardening
thanks for this. I also want to do some companion planting and plant more flowers in my veggie garden to attract bees and other good bugs.
Thanks for the information stephanie.. .. Errol recommended Giant marigolds anyone have other recommendations before I order some seeds ?
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