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I find this to be the biggest challenge where I live. the puget sound area is full of odd little micro climates. for instance the driest place in western Washington is sequim(7 inches annual rain fall) and 50 miles from that is a rain forest(107 inches of annual rain fall). Also altitude and a large pacific ocean then other large salt water inlets and fresh water lakes every where, cool air blows off the Olympics and cascades. our soils range from valley floor rich river silt to volcanic rock.most of the soils tend to be either acidic or alkaline.the wind currents and convergence zones in my area only add to the micro climates of frustration. some times I have 2 feet of snow in the winter some times 6 inches depending on the convergence zones and the way they move about here. I remember seeing hail/snow in may early may some sprouted seeds don't like that much cold. there have been time when I headed into town that is 10 miles away and started in snow which turned to rain then sun all in a 20 minute drive. I love it here because of the long days in summer and the fact every thing is green including my car that is growing moss in the cracks and my white horse trailer that is slowly turning moss green till I pressure wash it. It always smells like Christmas trees around here, could be because half the farms around here are tree farms. that lovely stuff most of the rest of the world calls lemon leaf or what ever that goes in floral arrangements, it has waxy leaves. it grows wild here is called salal and is picked out of the forest not on farms. babies breath comes from eastern washington and grows wild like sage brush does. I truly love where I live but gardening is a challenge to grow the right things that can handle sudden changes in weather,last week it was 60-65 during the day this week it is in the 80's day time and 50's night time. next week it may be back down don't know. my fruit trees bloom almost a month after the ones in town at sea level.
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