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My name is Debbi Jaeger Cannizzaro. :)
I live in zone 7B. Very western part of South Carolina. We sit up against the mountains.
We planted 400 blueberry bushes three years ago.
We planted garlic last Nov. harvested in May. This yr we'll plant early-mid Oct. we're predicting an early winter.
We also have three honey bee hives. This is our first yr with them. I just don't like getting stung!
I have a raised garden next to the house. I like growing peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant.
We also have a 100' x 300' plot out in our field (we have 11 acres). The bugs get everything out there. The deer too.
We also have that really hard, rust colored, clay. We've mixed sand in the field, I've used potting soil in the garden.
I've also grown veggies in pots-with Miracle Gro potting MIX. Which proved to be an overwhelming great idea!! I couldn't
keep up with all the veggies!
Not much else to say...
Thank you for letting me be apart of this forum.
Debbi Jaeger Cannizzaro

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Welcome to the forum Debbi! 400 blueberry bushes! yikes, that's a ton of berries I bet!
I just have 2 but they are still fairly young and haven't been producing much. But I'm going to take them out of the containers they are currently in and transplant to the garden. I'm hoping they'll be better producers out there.
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