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Earth boxes and indoor hydroponics in Central FL

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Hi folks, I'm Christine. Live in Central Florida. Trying yet again to have a beautiful bumper crop of anything, like I see posted from you lucky folks north of me! This time using earth boxes outside and a simple hydroponic system for lettuce's indoors. This summer I was very successful with my herbs. My tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant looked great but produced ONE fruit each!!!! Just too hot and humid to set anything else. I've done some hand pollinating on the eggplant and now see several new fruit developing. Lot's of flowers on the tomatoes, but most drop off. Kept them on an open porch to shield from direct heat and constant downpours in June and July. Gave all a shot of magnesium recently. Also have cukes and sweet potatoes.I just started a small hydroponic system for lettuce and kale indoor. So far so good. Need to get a better lighting system. That will be next pay check! Looking forward to tips and advice from others more experienced than me!
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