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Farmer Carolina here! I am new to it all!!!

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Hello all,
I stumbled on this website (which is cool btw)
I am new to growing fruits and veggies and am having FUN. been at it for 6 weeks now. I will need tons of help :cool:
Here is a picture of my container garden (I have gophers and they ate my first try 4 years ago) gopher won :(


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nice, hope we can help :) I do live next to a pretty dense forest and it seems every thing wanders threw my garden at night. I find deer prints in my raised beds and deer teeth marks on my peas, some sort raccoon dug in my garden a couple times now. chased a coyote off the other day, worry about the chickens because I can hear the owl but haven't seen him/her yet, the morning doves are great at picking the seeds as I plant them,haven't seen bunny's yet but I know they are around some place, do have moles making tunnels too, some thing ate my cat! I have failures too but other things I get an over abundance from each year is a trial to see what wants to grow good.your container garden looks great! keep plugging along ! (I have a small 5 acre farm) mostly live stock(equine) we are working on becoming self sufficient for our own foods. each year is a challenge and each year we plant more or try some thing different. never give up :)
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