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few questions

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Hi. I'm new to this forum so I need to get use to it. I'm Rob and I've started gardening about two years ago. My family did it when I was a child. I'm in zone 5b very beautiful area. I had a few questions: does anyone have good info on creating a morel mushroom raised bed, growing garlic and asparagus for next season. Also I'm looking for shrubs I can plant under pines for privacy. The pines were great for privacy until they grew so tall. It's very shady and acidic area.Thank you
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well, think I can help on two of those, here is a catalog of mushrooms: good company with lots of info and help.I am in the PNW mushroom central and those grow wild here. as for the asparagus the best are jersey night they grow best in composted horse manure in a raised bed with a top dressing of manure every year it is best to get crowns and plant in early spring. They have to be left along the first year and not harvested at all then second year you can harvest for a couple months then let them alone for the rest of the year until the next each year you will be able to harvest more. I have found that they can be planted fairly close together. the best companion plant for them is nasturtium which is also edible both the flowers and seed as well as leaves, they are a bit peppery the nasturtium.
Welcome! Good questions and sounds like you got great answers from stephanie.
Do you think blueberry bushes would do good under those tall pines? I know they like acidic soil but perhaps they would need more sun than what they would get at that location?
rhododendrons do good under pines and fir trees.
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