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First Frost?

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How can I tell when we are going to have our first frost? I know the approximate date is 10/15 but I'd like to know what the weather conditions would look like if we were going to get frost. I have tons of cherry and pear tomatoes that are just now maturing, a couple watermelons, summer squash, cucumbers, chard, broccoli (that hasn't fruited), peppers that are just starting to expand. It's a lot of work to keep covering it up in anticipation of frost, and after frost we'll have at least another month of gorgeous weather.
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that all depends on where you live as to your first frost. I don't expect one in my area till mid november. Others have already had a first frost this year. the signs to watch for would be typical weather changes for your area such as cooler temps,fall leaves, migratory animals leaving or that have left or you could consult the farmer almanac and see when they expect a first frost for your area. They will get it at least close so you can plan for it.
Stephanie, according to the my area (8b) will get frost anywhere between the 10th and the 21st. I don't want to disturb eveything that much over a ten day period. Is there a way to know from the dew point?
I was watching the weather over the weekend for my area and the meteorologist was talking about possible frost this week. If you live in zone 7 I would cover up and/or bring in those peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, chard, and watermelon.

@stephanie-I used to consult the farmers almanac, but it just has been so inconsistent this year for zone 7 with the early warm weather and all.
yes, agreed the weather patterns are changing allot these last few years. I just watch the local weather report most times or look out side. the PNW is real unpredictable with the water ways and 2 mountain ranges. we can have some real odd stuff. a for instance is I live on the hood canal side of puget sound but when I drive to the puget sound side the weather can be completely different than what was happening at my house. this is a 10 mile difference in location and maybe 400 feet difference in altitude. happens all the time it will be snowing at my house and under 30 degrees and by the time I get to town 10 miles away it is raining and 40 degrees or sunny. I see the temp changes from town to my home can range from 10 degrees to 2 degrees depending on time of day and location.
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