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First year of my own garden and introduction.

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Hello, I'm Adrianna and I currently live in Pleasant Grove, Ut.

Born & raised in Calgary, AB I learned lots about extending the seasons from my mom as she loves to see how much she can get in her "short" growing season. This is the first year that I've gown my own garden as there is a community garden close to my townhome that had space open. It has been a great experience and I am surprised that my garden is doing so well. I have been diligent in working the dirt and removing the weeds and we have been repaid with some terrific tasting food!

The only problem I've had so far this year is Quail--they love to get into my tomatoes and eat them just as they are ripening! I have put up bird/scare tape and that has seemed to keep away most of the feathered beasts, but there are still a few tenacious birds that are getting to my tomatoes. I have enjoyed some cherry tomatoes so far, but no early girl tomatoes yet because the birds go after those the most. Sadly my plot is right next to an open farmer's field so it is the most vulnerable to the thieving birds running in and out. Any suggestions to keep away birds are welcome!

Good to see each of you here and I look forward to talking about gardening!
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