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Freakin Rabbits

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I don't know how true this is, but an old timer (heck that me!) told me sometime back, that to spread black pepper around the plants that rabbits are bothering. He said that rabbits sniffs everthing they eat before eating it. it makes them sneez..This may be worth trying. So far I have been lucky from the bunny even though there are 4 that lives under one of my sheds. May be that all of my beds are raised beds
I hated it, but my son went out back and pumped up his bb gun 10 pumps and shot a rabbit in the head and it died immediately. All of the other rabbits took off and I haven't seen another one since. I did make him clean it and cook it and he ate a little of it. Something about killing an animal seems to keep their friends away. My problem is the CROWS! Fake plastic owls seem to be helping some. Plus pulling up all of our corn. What a waste that was. Stupid crows.
I have rabbit, squirrel and ground hog issues. A fence around the garden using chicken wire pretty well stops the ground critters, but ocassionally birds will rip into a tomato.
Try going to your produce store and ask for "Rab-bait"". Its pellets that work a treat in controlling the bunnies
crows and birds are a big problem with fruit trees and blue berry bushes this is a put a net over it and wait with a pellet gun in hand to shoot the ones who get threw the net.
Your fence mesh is too large. Install 2 foot chicken wire to the lower portion, anchoring it to the ground and existing fence. I live in the desert where EVERYTHING eats anything that grows. Haven't found anything else that works as well as exclusion.
I had terrible rabbit and deer issues. I now have a fence around my entire yard that is 4 ft tall, and a 3 ft fence around the garden (I have 5 acres total). The fence is wire mesh with 2 inch by 4 inch rectangles, held up by 4X4 posts and 3 rails. No rabbit problem, and the deer don't make the effort anymore (I also have several dogs to patrol the area.
Mrssample, I don't really recommend the owl...crows will attack and kill an owl..long time ago as a young boy, my friends and I use to hunt crows for sport. We would use fake owls to lure them in, and we learn real quick that to hunt crows we has to use coal to black our face's and hands for a persons skin is just like a mirrow to a crow. but I do know that owls will draw crows in.

I'm w/ Errol. try dusting the plants w/ black & red pepper. Think that helps for ants too, if they ever become a problem. We've got woodchucks here who love green tomatoes & parsley.
I have a friend who is a Master Gardener, she told me to try cut up chunks of Ivory Soap. I tried it and this is the first year in 3 years that the rabbits left my peas and brussel sprouts alone. remember to replenish after rain and hot days. good luck!
I would advise raising the bed so no rabbit can reach your plants. Let us know here at what actually works

I have a garden cat his name is Simon He spends all day in the garden He has made it his territory and keeps all other animals out.

I also have a yard squirrel named Sam We feed him peanuts so he doesn't eat anything out of the garden besides Simon keeps him out.

Double-click on the squirrels picture to see the video

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you might want to use shelled peanuts :) unless those are roasted you may end up with a large peanut crop or the neighbor will :)
I have a container garden on my deck which is 20' above the ground. I have a planter that used to be a wood box about 3.5' x 1.5' x 2' high.

3 days ago something burrowed a hole in it and pulled up my kale seedlings; they had just come up so I thought bird. The next day there were two holes dug all the way to the bottom about 3" diameter. I flooded them, covered back up, and watched all day for any critters. Nothing. Nothing by night fall. The next morning the holes were back! Same holes! Someone suggested a fox, they look like gopher holes. The ground squirrel holes around here are smaller than the ones in the planter. The red lettuce and swiss chard and carrots and couple kale that are about an inch are untouched. All my other planters are untouched.

Any ideas about what this thing is and how to get rid of it?
Blood meal sprinkled around the garden works also. I had a problem with rabbits eating my peas last year and something else eating my sweet potato leaves and sprinkled the blood meal around and no more rabbits! Hardware cloth or chicken wire around a garden works, too, but that can get expensive.
I recently joined and saw this thread. I was faced with the same issue for months till someone from a different forum suggested ground pepper and cayenne. Just spread it around the area and the bunnies would hate a visit to your garden.
I've heard of cayenne pepper too - but a dog living outside should keep the rabbits away
My cousin had problems in her vegetable garden with rabbits and squirrels until my cat went to live with her. The cat was born feral and is a great hunter! It does keep my cousin busy burying all the little bodies though. The feral cat has also morphed into a very affectionate house cat. But outdoors he turns feral again!
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