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From Brisbane, Australia

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Hello to everyone on the forum… Only just found this the other day…

While I live in Australia (Sub-tropical Brisbane), there is always so much to learn, and learning from people around the world is even better :D

I am mainly interested in organic gardening, mostly vegetables and herbs, although I have ornamental type gardens as well, even though my space is limited.

I have been gardening on and off for around 35 years…

Once upon a time, I lived in the country and had a large vegetable garden, whereas these days, I am living in the city (suburbs), and my garden area is small… Plus I have had less time to put into it.

My plan though is to get back to the country and also get back into gardening more as well as other self-sufficiency things, which I am very interested in.

As for learning more… well I think you can always learn more, or hone skills… so while there is no one specific thing I am looking for, I am always open to finding out new things that I can try out.

Plus, I would always love to be able to help others as well, in any way that I can…

Looking forward to getting to know people here.

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hello from washington state,USA. we are heading into fall and it is cooling and getting into the 40's at night here now. will be getting rainy soon for me and every thing will be covered or dormant soon. total opposite climates! general live stock I can help you with have raised many different types of stock and still do. gardening will be interesting just to learn the differences we face. I have a plethora of rocky sandy soil and rain/snow/freezing with marine air at 600 feet above sea level and live between 2 mountain ranges next to a salt water inlet/canal. tons of fir/pine trees and forest surround me which make the soil acidic. tell me more about your area.
Hi Stephanie,

Nice to meet you... Yes indeed pretty much opposite climates, a bit more like Florida here, I imagine and of course we have just started Spring, heading into Summer, which is always hot...

I love animals too... Chickens, Sheep, Goats in particular and also dogs, cats, birds, fish... you name it, almost.

Back in my 'living on a farm' days I used to milk my goats, grind my flour, make my bread etc. etc. So I can relate a little with the livestock.

I can imagine the snow would be a challenge with gardening, however, I have had some experience with rocky sandy soil in the past, but that was even a hotter climate than where I am now!

As I mentioned, it is sub-tropical here, so it has for the most part fairly green bush (woods) around about, although things have been a bit dry for a while so not as green as it can be. Palms are common in people's gardens (among a lot of other plants including Azaleas, Frangipani, Bromiliads, Grevillea and the like)...

I believe I am somewhere between 40 and 70 mtrs above sea level (130ft to 230ft or thereabouts)...

The weather is warming up quite quickly although compared to your winter's it isn't all that cold, gets down to just below 0 deg Celcius (32 F) at night, but the days are around 17 (62.6 F) to 19 (66.2) at their coldest, and that only lasts a few weeks on and off.

As I sit here it is 1:30pm and around 25.6 C (78 F), which is quite pleasant. A good time in the garden with things just taking off for spring, so long as I keep the water up to them.

I will have to get and post some photos perhaps :)
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my farm is small only 5 acres, but on it there is the garden,3 horses,3 donkeys( a mini, a standard and a mammoth) 10 chickens,3 hogs,4 dogs and a cat. just put in bulbs for spring flowers today. I will be harvesting corn,drying beans,beets, and winter squash soon. then those parts of the garden get to go to rest till spring planting. During the rest I will be adding horse poo and covering that with wood chips and building another raised bed to add to the veggie garden. I love doing the work on a farm even a small one. I am contemplating getting a milk cow, prefer that over goats. I have a bunch of milk drinking grand kids(7) and with the chickens and pigs there will be no left over milk to go sour. think next years garden is getting some broccoli added to the mix:)
Welcome to the forum LynneCarey! It's nice to have you here!
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